A Marine guards cover blows away as President Donald Trump attempts to put it on his head during an arrival at Andrews Air Force Base.

Donald Trump’s Random Act Of Kindness As He Chases After A Marine’s Hat Wins Over The Internet [Video]

Donald Trump may be derided a lot by his critics for his on-hands approach and blatant talking, but sometimes even the staunchest of his detractors cannot shy away from appreciating his kind gestures towards people with lesser privilege. One such random act of kindness was witnessed on Saturday at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Donald Trump arrived after attending the G-20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany, as reported by BBC.

In the video, as the President begins walking towards the Marine One helicopter, he notices that one marine who is standing guard has lost his hat to the wind. The perturbed marine, evidently worried that the President is approaching him, looks on in horror knowing that his uniform is not perfect.

But what Donald Trump does next did not only surprise the marine, but the internet as a whole.

As you can see in the video below, the President locates the fallen hat and stoops below to pick it up, before approaching the marine and placing the hat on his head. Trump then continues tapping the marine on his shoulders, when the hat falls off again, and while one may have forgiven Donald Trump for not retrieving the hat again, the marine manages to keep a straight face as he sees the President chase after the hat a second time. A military official who can be seen escorting Donald Trump goes after him too, finally taking the hat over from him.

But before Trump leaves, he pats the marine once again on his shoulders, making it a memorable day for the serviceman.

Watch the entire video below where Donald Trump can be seen retrieving the hat, and decide for yourself what you would make of it.

While it may not look like a great act of kindness to some, one has to confront the possibility that Donald Trump — for better or worse — is one of the most criticized politicians in the world. And while the media takes to his bashing all too frequently (and not altogether without merit on most occasions), we have to give credit where it is due.

Now that is one action that would make us say: hats off, Donald Trump!

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]