A Memphis vegan cafe let a baby poop on the floor

A Memphis Vegan Café Lets Naked Children Poop On The Floor, Owner Doesn’t Deny It, Won’t Apologize

A reviewer claimed that the owners of a Memphis vegan café allowed their naked child to run around the restaurant and poop on the floor. What’s more, the owner is neither denying it nor apologizing, and is threatening the reviewer for being so negative.

As 7 News Australia reports, the controversy began, as these things almost always do, on social media. Customer Chelsea Bartley used Google Plus to write her review of Imagine Vegan Café in Memphis. Before we get to the meat (see what I did there) of her complaint, here’s a general idea of what she thought of the food.

“I can heat up a tofurky sausage just as well and in under half the time.”

OK, so she wasn’t impressed with the food (it’s vegan food, who would be?). But her biggest complaint was the ambiance; most notably, the children — the owner’s children, to be specific, who were left to run about the restaurant unsupervised.

“During my visit, a bare butt naked baby was running around, stood up on a table with its black theyre [sic] so dirty feet. An older kid came over and started like yodeling and staring at me during my meal. I was SO uncomfortable.”

OK, so dirty kids running around the place and annoying the customers is bound to put anyone off. However, the event that took the cake, so to speak, was when the younger child decided to answer nature’s call, doing a Number Two in front of God and everybody. After doing the deed, Chelsea says, the proud baby “bent over to show me its butthole.”

A Memphis vegan cafe lets kids poop on the floor.
This says it best. [Image by Prostock-studio/Shutterstock]

There is a right way and a wrong way for a business owner to respond to a negative review. The right way would be to apologize and promise never to let it happen again, and to try to work with the customer to make things right. The wrong way would be to act like it’s no big deal, publicly shame the customer for bringing it up and ban the customer from the business.

Guess which route the owners of Imagine Vegan Café went.

In a series of Facebook posts that have since been taken down (in fact, the entire account has been taken down). Owners Adam and Krisite Jeffrey completely lost their minds on the negative reviewer.

First, they threatened to publicly shame their bad reviewers.

“I am about to start calling out names and pictures of people who leave us bad reviews, especially when it deals with our children.”

Next, they banned the bad reviewer from their business.

“You will no longer be allowed to come and dine at Imagine.”

Further, they did not apologize for their kids ruining the diner’s meal, did not deny that the baby was naked, and in fact, played it off like it was no big deal.

“If you are uncomfortable with a naked baby then do not come to our restaurant. Periodically she will not have a diaper on and that is life.”

To be fair, it doesn’t appear as if the owners have addressed the matter of the baby pooping on the floor, neither confirming nor denying it. But it certainly appears as if they have a Devil-may-care attitude about what their tots are up to while the customers dine.

Not for nothing, Imagine Vegan Café’s Yelp reviews are much more kind. While several reviewers have jumped on the baby-pooping-on-the-floor bandwagon (businesses that make the news for the wrong reasons generally get trolled on Yelp), the more honest reviews have naught but praise for the place, and it currently has a four-out-of-five-star rating.

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