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Triplets All In Jail In Michigan


The Shivers will be holding their family reunion this year at a correctional facility in Michigan. All three triplets will soon be in jail on robbery and home invasion charges.

According to ABC News, two of the triplets, 21-year-olds Deshawn and Juronn Shivers, were recently convicted of unarmed robbery.

The Saginaw police department released a statement, saying:

“The Saginaw P.D. is elated by the recent convictions of Deshawn and Juronn Shivers and hope that they receive a stern sentence by the sentencing circuit court judge… Additionally, we thank the Buena Vista Police Department in their hard work producing the evidence needed to ensure a conviction in their most recent crime.”

Depending on the sentence, the two brothers could soon join their brother, Devon, at the Siginaw Correctional Facility. Devon is currently severing a 30-60 year term for home invasion, weapons possession and assault with intent to harm. Devon will be in prison until at least 2043.

Saginaw Police Sgt. Terry Carpenter said that Deshawn and Juronn will face a maximum of 15 years in jail.

Carpenter told ABC that the three brothers were members of the Sunny Side gang which may include other members of the family.

Carpenter said:

“They have been members of the ‘Sunny Side’ gang for years, and that includes siblings and family members.”

One of those family members is Sanford Shivers, an older brother to the triplets. Sanford, 30, is currently in prison for assault as well as several felony weapons charges. He is scheduled for release next August.

Are you surprised that all three triplets, as well as an older brother, are all in prison?

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185 Responses to “Triplets All In Jail In Michigan”

  1. Mari Mason

    Damn! The Sunny Side Gang! I'm glad I changed my "gang" affiliation way back when! LOL!

    30 to 60 years and only 21? In the words of Xhibit in the movie Derailed: keep yo' head up, homie!

  2. James Lueckenhoff

    wonder if momma and poppa taught them the trade like what happened in DC years ago. momma taught the younins how to steal and gave a reward to the one who brought home the most or best loot. all in the family. oh, taking from others in DC is legal if you got voted in.

  3. Deborah Lehrmann

    No, not surprized! It is a learned trait. Family needed to intervine earler to prevent this family in its decline into thier doing illeagal actions.

  4. Paul-Toni Nevaeh-Sebastian Booker

    With all that is going on wrong in the world we live in I would have hoped for better comments on this situation and prayer that the judge can find something that will help these young men give to society instead of taking from it. Also so of the comments are just plan racist. Really people no one is promised another day be blessed and love one another. If you say you love the God you serve and you can't see him then you should love everyone else that you see everyday…

  5. Anonymous

    They all looks like they has all different mothers, but that would be typical of them in Detroit, "The Black Murder Ghetto Capitol of the world", that just proves they all alike.

  6. Cija Foster

    you got 3 kids and they are all screw ups, sheesh, nice parenting.

  7. Michael Golden

    These A**holes are where they belong. They've been raised and conditioned from birth to take from society, what makes you think a judge will be able to change that in a court room. Lock 'em up, after spending a couple of decades thinking about how they've taken and never gave back then they'll be to old to threaten anyone anyway.

  8. Anonymous

    I see all all the white trash making comments here, but before you say those black people, let me give you a lesson in in human behavior, do any of you know israel keys, gunned down 7 people, do any of you know john wayne gacy, God only knows how many he killed, do any of you know ted bundy, can any of you remember the name of the aurora colorado killer, can any one of you tell me why jacob tyler, oregon shooter shot all those innocent people, can any one of you please tell me why when I looked up serial killers on the internet, there was a list of over 400 serial killes and only five or less were black, lance ryness, following in your parents foot steps , natural born killers and racist, judith ann, you who no doubt have family members way back that were slave owners and lose the civil war, losers and you, deborah lehrmann, go out and kill some non-whites, it's in your blood and a very outstanding trait for a a natural born killers like the white race, brian, yes you shoot know, you will no doubt be the next mass killer, go out and prey on some children with your guns, that;s all you whote people know what to do, david, they stop lynching blacks years ago, I think you might be upset about, but I see you have found a perfect way to keep legal lynching alive, cage em, shoot em, robert, haven't you learned any thing from this lesson, there are mass killings going on by whites, you're rigth the world is becoming a ghetto, not only there but all over and the whites are sure trying to make a name for themselves as mass killers.

  9. Cija Foster

    really ? Yes lets give them a slap on the wrist then when they come to your house and kill you and your family YOU WILL BE CRYING that the judge wasn't tough enough. YOU DONT BREAK IN TO SOMEONE HOUSE, YOU DONT STEAL

  10. Anonymous

    I'm sure their friends will be sad, since they are such fine young lads. What a shame. Their eyes are cold where is the Love in this home?

  11. Michael Golden

    @Paul-Toni Nevaeh-Sebastian Booker….I commend you for having a heart that's in the right place, and never stop being compassionate and merciful towards our brothers and sisters. However, these three have violated people, traumatized people, and terrorized people without conscience. They would have willingly robbed anybody of the following day you say is not promised to us. They are all three old enough to know better, and yet, this was their path. Now, their path is different. I pray they stay locked up and are prevented from living a happy life just as they denied others of happiness. Perhaps their kind will see their fate and as such choose a different path.

  12. C.P. Lund

    Only an idiot like you would try and turn this into a racial issue. It's fools like you who encourage scum like these three animals. They are a threat to society and need to be in jail as much as any low-life who breaks the law. Throw them in a hole and throw away the key, they had their chance at life and they threw it away, it's themselves that they have to blame, not white people.

  13. Roger Woodhead

    Dude smoke another joint NO compassion for lifetime criminals let me tell you the facts these scumbags would kill you rape your wife and daughter in front of you while they do it and you think GOD is going to help GROW UP they all need 1 thing and that's a 357 mag in there forehead so we don't get to be thier next victim

  14. C.P. Lund

    I doubt very much that the mother has any feelings at all. She is as much to blame for them going bad as anyone. A mother who loves her kids rears them to be responsible, her failure is plain to see.

  15. Meghan Murphy

    It is easy to sit back and assume you know the circumstances, triumphs, and failures of another's family. That is not a reality, and I am so tired of the lack of compassion and understanding our society has for others. I choose to see the glass half full.

  16. Anonymous

    Wow, looking at these pictures I was going to guess that these guys were all accountants at Price Waterhouse Coopers. Turns out they are young, misguided thugs who undoubtedly polluted a school system for 2 years before turning to bigger crime game. And, as all morons do, they got caught and will spend the rest of their lives living off the government dole and pondering why they were given such a bad hand in life.

    No accountability. Losers at birth. Losers at life. Losers at death. This is such an old story that it makes us all sick!

  17. Anonymous

    I am sure they will be rehabilitated and ready to contribute to our society when they get out of prison. Perhaps they should be the first triplets ever to simultaneously die as well. That would save us all time and money…. unless one of you feel that these guys may be able to isolate the genes that cause cancer while imprisoned.

    What a waste of time and money. KILL THEM!

  18. C.P. Lund

    The problem is that we have showed too much 'compassion' and 'understanding' and animals like this just take it as a sign of weakness. We need to just lock these animals away where they can't bother decent society anymore along with all the stupid ass liberal 'do-gooders' like you.

  19. C.P. Lund

    Of course they all have different fathers and like Michelle Ochongo's two girls, nobody knows who those fathers are…

  20. Meghan Murphy

    That is an ignorant statement. I do not view myself in the same light as you appear to. The comments on this story show the weak link in our society. Do we want things to change, and do something to change them, or do we want to assume we know the reasoning behing every problem, and therefore put none of ourselves into making things better for all? You can call me whatever you like, but I still have hope. You, my friend, are jaded and bitter.

  21. Rafael Ros

    Can't be! last time I saw them, one was an engineer, the other one a rocket scientist and the 3rd one a medical researcher!

  22. Anonymous

    the mother must be real proud. Is the mother or father in jail also? Here is your hard working taxpayers dollars at work. I hope the mother doesn't have more kids.

  23. Chuck Smith

    If you put all three of these morons in some sort of IQ setting, you'll only receive a score of around 100 between all three of them. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Waste of space, time and money. Give them to Goodwill.

  24. Cuyler Edwards

    If these were 3 white triplets who terrorized black families or what ever i do not think you would be making the same comment, you would be talking about how the white trash deserves what they got, and you would be right, no different here, they did not get caught dealing drugs or shoplifting, they invaded a home and terrorized the families there, these guys are scumbags and should be put in jail, face reality a little will you, When white people committ crimes like this, you do not see white people defending them, that is the problem in the black community, you want to make excuses, a shooting happens in a black community by a black person and the community will not work with the police to help solve the crime, then complain that the cops do not do enough to solve it, you would not see that in the white community, if a killing happens in a white neighborhood, the people will do whatever to solve it, I am not racist and can not stand racists, but I also am not going to be politically correct so I do not hurt someones fellings. right is right and wrong is wrong, these guys knew what they were doing was wrong and are getting what they deserve

  25. Chuck Smith

    Ya, where's Barack Obama here saying, "If I had three sons, they would look like this cats"….haaa…Classic whomever said that 1st on this thread, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……Classic! These idiots, well, nevermind, ha!

  26. Chris Baker

    just keeping up with familly tradition they are intitled to be forgiven so next time they can kill someone and be real gangstazs.

  27. Cuyler Edwards

    You are right, plenty of white killers and psycos, but the difference is we do not make excuses for them and want them put in jail or even put to death.

  28. Cherie Caldwell

    Actually, to me, they DON'T look identical. I know they're triplets, but perhaps fraternal. By the way, robert8161, they aren't considered triplets if they have different mothers.

  29. Cuyler Edwards

    Also if we as white people committed murder at the rate black people did, well there would be a lot of killing going on, stop making excuses and just say these guys are scum criminals and deserve what they got, instead of bringing up slavery and what not, you were never a slave no white person today has ever owned a slave, are their white people that are racist and bigots, yes, but there are black people that are racists and bigots also.

  30. Timothy Barnes

    the father was the same one that paid your mother for sex 9 months before you were born you punk ass trick baby.

  31. Chuck Smith

    Paul—————–I think you need to add another name to your name, sheesh, lol. Ridiculous!

  32. Anonymous

    This garbage will cost the tax payer about $60,000.00 a year to keep in maximum security! America could thrive if we disposed of critters the same way you would a rabid dog!

  33. Walls Jer

    After reading the headline of this story, and seeing their picture, I can see why all three are in jail, they are black, and look like criminals. I am sure their mother is so happy to have 3 kids in jail, at least she can see them all at one time. HAHAHA

  34. Christopher Robbins

    IViggers and flies /Viggers and flies, the more I know /Viggers… the less I hate flies.

  35. Emily Small

    FYI they are not from detroit if you read what the news report said! not All of MICHIGAN is Detroit! “The Saginaw P.D. is elated by the recent convictions of Deshawn and Juronn Shivers" no where near Detroit.

  36. Brian V. Sitterley

    Doesn't happen as often as we would like, or liberal commentators imagine, but some thugs do decide that life will get increasingly sucky if they don't do something very different. Sometimes advancing age will do that. I do hope Sanford will reflect on what a miserable role model he has been. I am with you on that, Cija, he has really been a terrible role model. Hopefully Juron and Deshawn will get max sentence.

  37. Astin Miles

    We all have to remember that some people come into this world without a chance. You don't know what their upbringing was. More than likely their just products of their enviornment and that was not their choice. Instead of being mad at them, be mad at the mothers who bring children in this world and never give them a chance to succeed. Everyone on this post is working with their emotions and not logic. That's why I can't stand humans.

  38. Tara Cartwright

    C.P. Give me a break. The story is about three triplets in Michigan and their criminal behavior. The story is not about President Obama. Grow up. The election is over. Move on. Try to focus on what the story is really about. This is getting old.

  39. Tara Cartwright

    Timothy Barnes The election is over. Grow up. I am sure that you are no longer playing on the school playground. Try to stay focused on what the story is talking about. Let us see- Triplets from Michigan and their criminal records, etc. It should not be that difficult.

  40. David Kegley

    Look out guys here comes the SunnySide gang members! Korney ass goofy ass little boys thinking there men. You punk ass little boys a real man goes to work everyday and takes care of his family, what a waste of flesh, you deserve everything your about to endure, Shitbags!

  41. David Kegley

    Yarberjoe, where in these comments do you see any of us WHITE TRASH making racist comments? Why is it someone alawys has to throw race into the mix. These scumbags, black white yellow I don't give a fuck are lames, they need to be tortured like they have so many innocent people through. Wake up and I so wish, you could call me white trash to my face, you would be spitting teeth.I'll meet you anytime say the word, time and place! Bitch!

  42. Jacob Sonny

    Devon is currently severing a 30-60 year term for home invasion, weapons possession and assault with intent to harm. Devon will be in prison until at least 2043.

    wow, what kind of a lawyer he had? some murderers get less than that. wall street thieves get less too.

  43. Denny Tom Crane

    Negro's go to jail and prison so often ( repeat offenders ) and lifers. I love to see blacks in prison doing hard time. They have to live a life they designed for themselves. I love it. This is like the best present have to myself. Every single time I turn on the news and see another brotha or sista going down for life or 25 to life, I feel so good knowing that there are is one less POS off the street that I will never run into. 90% of blacks visit prison one time or another in their life time. I can not imagine why? Oh yeah, I know we can blame history. Yeah my so and so was a slave 50 + yrs ago that's why I put 3 bullets in this woman's chest and killed her 4 year old son too. Because we were slaves once. If I had to ask God one question it sure would be why did you make these horrible people or did they come from the devil himself?

  44. Michele Abell Edds

    Such sweet young men. I bet from the moment they were born, their mother had been proud.

  45. Ronald Nickerson

    Study the picture of the trips. Add up the total IQ of the three. And you would be stretching it to make 3.
    The lack of lights being on in the cranium is obvious. Three Treyvon Martin types just looking for.
    someplace to happen. Where is George Zimmerman when you really need him. These lifeless slugs.
    are the poster children for Public Education.

  46. Dan Schlamp

    Aww, is Duke butthurt because his dumb, lazy ass can't find a big boy job. Time to stop blaming others for your shortcomings, and take some personal responsibility.

  47. Matthew J Coleman

    Dan Schlamp — Duke has a point that your immature rant will never match. He understands the irony of the president saying that if he had a son, it would look like Trayvon Martin. You are upset because the rest of us understand the irony? And I notice you went immediately to a homosexual reference regarding the target of your hatred. Something you need to tell everyone from your time in prison?

  48. Rebecca Navarre

    I certainly don't agree with what they've done, but that last line.
    "Are you surprised that all three triplets, as well as an older brother, are all in prison?"
    I wonder what this was based on…
    sounds a little discriminatory to me.

  49. Mary Miskimen

    One thumb's up for the comment and one for the correct spelling of LOSER! I concur… The loser's/scumbags are right where they deserve to be.

  50. John Grimes

    Tara Cartwright …the real story is the demorat party totally messing up the black community. By no teaching a sense of pride in self worth the demorats have cheated these guys…NOW they are just punks in the prison system and will always the sorry and no good..

  51. Mary Miskimen

    I love how you're the ONLY one bringing up other comments being racist and you're the ONLY one with no picture (and probably a fake name). Don't be a coward. I agree with Robin Kaser, C.P. Lund, and Cuyler Edwards (great first name btw!) No matter the color of the criminal…. they are still a CRIMINAL o_O

  52. Mary Miskimen

    C.P. Lund ~ I have to agree with you. If you have one bad apple of the bunch, you may be able to chalk it up to peer pressure or maybe that he fell in with the wrong crowd, HOWEVER, there are three of them and they ALL went down that road. Surely there was SOMETHING Mama could have done when the first one was sent away for 30-60 years. My kids were raised in a split home (meaning some of the time with me and some with their Dad). There was actually even some drug use on my end and a few other obstacles. So their life wasn't exactly ideal. They were thankfully with Dad during those tough times for me and we BOTH taught them the morals needed to be productive and responsible adults. I think that is one of the major issues here. They probably had no contact with their Father (or negative contact). Someone failed those boys. When BOTH parent's fail at the same time….. this is the end result.

  53. Rob Fulton

    Lindsey, you sure seem to be standing behind these guys. You continue to point out other criminals as if what they did makes these boys seem "not so bad". Are you playing the race card here, or are these guys your baby's daddy?

  54. Mary Miskimen

    Good point. I must say though that I personally know several people that grew up in or near the slums (myself included). They turned out fine. Some even had terrible parent's. You see, we ALL grow up at some point and make our own decisions.

  55. Mary Miskimen

    Until a criminal who was 'discriminated' does something horrible to you or your family. How would you feel then? This 'liberal' way of thinking is part of the reason you read stories like this……

  56. Lindsey Johnson

    No because what they did was wrong, and it's embarrassing to the African American Community, and then white people think every black man is like these fools mentioned above. But what I don't like is the generalization that only black men/boys only commit crimes, and that's what a majority of these comments are, as if white people dont' kill, pilfer, rape, and steal…

  57. Lindsey Johnson

    Mary Miskimen Ok. With that being said. I as an African American am afraid to be around alot of white people at one time.. You never know who had a bad day, and a gun, and just wants to take it out on everybody. I'll be damned if I lose my life just because I want to X-mas shop or see a movie.

  58. Stephanie Kennedy

    I just want to say, that after reading these comments. Some of you want to say that one is playng the race card. These three, be them black, white, purple or green, should be in jail. I have no sympathy for anyone who chose to do commit a life of crime. Most of all your serial killers are white. But no one seems to think about that issue. Ted Bundy, smart and got a hold of some unsuspecting women. Trust and believe, if that were me, he probably wouldn't have killed as many, because his ass would have been done in. I wouldn't give two shyts and a cat meow what he said, how the hell he looked or anything. He would have to seriously kidnap me. John Wayne Gacy, just becuse he dressed up like a clown. I hate to say this like this, but white people are to damn trusting, letting your kids out by themselves. Just because your neighbor seems like a nice guy. hell, where was Dennis the Menance when his mother was calling him, with "Good Ole Mr. Wilson". Need I say more. Now for you Obama haters, if you had enough education maybe you would be President. Just because he's a black man, you want to hate on him. Hell the white presidents that we have had with the exception of Clinton, got us in the screwed up mess that we are in now. So think before you speak and get some more education. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste, if you have one to begin with".

  59. Lindsey Johnson

    I bet she is ashamed if she has any damn sense. Don't be crude. Would you be ashamed if all your sons were in prison when they could've done something productive?

  60. Lindsey Johnson

    What about James Holmes, the Columbine shooters, and Steven Forsyth? As if white people don't have the proclivity of committing these same crimes if not worse. At least they didn't kill random, innocent people!

  61. Mary Miskimen

    I noticed that you keep bringing up the recent white criminal's and ask, 'What about them?' I think you're under the impression that we are 'okay' with their crimes because they're white. Wrong. ANY person who commits heinous crimes are CRIMINALS and need to be dealt with accordingly.

  62. Lindsey Johnson

    I will attest to that. But why the fatuous comments about his mother and father? Ok then. Back to my point…. White people commit crimes just like black people do. Don't try to blast our race and make inane comments when James Holmes and Steven Forsyth took innocent lives RECENTLY!

  63. Mary Miskimen

    Personally, I don't want to be around a group of ANY color these days. Your way of thinking is probably a smart one, but you need to be weary of ALL races….

  64. Mary Miskimen

    I don't know this Mother personally, however, when you have four sons and they ALL go down that path…. You're opening yourself up to comment's like this (albeit some comments are quite ignorant). You see, I was a terrible influence to my children at some point in my life because of my drug addiction. My children were protected during that time because they resided with their Father (I thank GOD for him every day!) As a Mother we make mistakes but we also need to teach them morals and values. Obviously someone failed these boys and the first person(s) who gets the finger pointed at them is Mom and Dad. Not the color of Mom and Dad. I am white and I made mistakes too. We all do but when it comes to our children we MUST be accountable.

  65. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    "There is that which is learned and that which is genetic." "The Apple does not fall far from the Tree." Pamela Bunting Lewis December 13, 2012.

  66. Mary Miskimen

    Only closed minded individuals think that way Lindsey (generalizing a person by the color of their skin). I keep away from those 'types' no matter who they are, where they came from or the color of their skin.

  67. Anonymous

    Lindsey, stats show that African Americans make up 13.6 percent of the U.S. population according to census data, but black men reportedly make up 40.2 percent of all prison inmates. It starts at the top, bad parenting, entitlement mindset, lack of education = animals, both BLACK and WHITE. Stop race baiting!!

  68. Mary Miskimen

    You're correct Lindsey Johnson. I know a bunch of good people from ALL walks of life!! Unfortunately, I know OF a bunch of bad people from ALL walks of life :)

  69. Scott Webb

    Lindsey Johnson You would have to be in a massive state of denial to ignor the percentage of BLACK crime in this country. Look at the numbers! People like you are the reason your "race" is ruining the country

  70. Scott Webb

    Get blacks out of this country and taxes would go down 50%. Along with crime, out of wedlock pregnancy, drug use, etc. Like or not it is true.

  71. Christopher Robbins

    My mind set on us black folks has changed over the past 3-4 years. I'm not ashamed of being black but I am ashamed of many, correction, most other black people out here in America. Shame on you. We've spent decades glorifying drugs, violence, and irresponsibility in our hip-hop music. Our women have been degraded and disrespected to the extend that black women are in crisis right now. We've made it 'cool' to be a arrogant unskilled thug POS and its been like this for years. I'm not excusing the outright racists bigots you see on most message boards. Shame on them too. But I'm sick of brothers stuck in the repeated mindset. I'm going to be a musician (rapper), or an athlete, and if not either, I'll be the BOSS. I'm an mechanical engineering by profession and can you guess how many black people I work with? (hint: its less than one). All through college I was the only black American in my upper division classes. The only other black people I saw were Africans. On an another note, back in 2008 I had a job delivering pizzas. Whenever I delivered to white people I would get a $2 tip minimum. Black men it was about $0-1 hit or miss but black women… you can forget about a tip. That says something. Its just saddening to be black sometimes because there are a group of us out there who are honest, fair, and wholesome, but then there's many POSs like the family in this article out in America. Lazy /Viggas walking around feeling entitled like someone owes them or trying to get over. Searching for an easy dollar, unwilling to work. Looking for someone's daughter to impregnate so they can claim a child that they have no part in raising. Arrogant acting with an attitude problem. I just happen to be in a position where I can make personnel decisions and I give everyone at least ONE excuse (and it better be a good excuse). But after that one free pass… I can't work with you.

  72. Lindsey Johnson

    Exactly. Yet! So why Denny is trying to denigrate the character of Negro's is beyond me! Especially when James Holmes and Steven Forsyth killed a few before being taken into custody. Well Forsyth was smart, he took himself out.

  73. Lindsey Johnson

    Wow. Who are you to judge? You never know his mother may have been single. Worked 2 and 3 jobs to support her boys, in hopes they would not turn out to be criminals like their older brother. How do you know she didn't thrive to be the best parent she could be? What parent enjoys having to see their loved one behind bars, let alone 4 loved ones behind bars. They were most likely a product of thier environment. And if that is the case, don't blame her. Unfortunately this is the choices their dumb asses made, but I doubt the mother and father are going around bragging about how her triplets will all have to spend their birthdays in prison for the next 20 years….

  74. Robert Nowicki

    Pat Mitchell trying living in detroit, flint and even saginaw. Conditions are so poor in these areas. Its the system we have created no money, no job, no reason to live. You would probably do the same thing they did.

  75. Mary Miskimen

    Doubtful Robert Nowicki. They have free money and a system that will all but go to work for you. Take ANY job. It's more honorable to have a minimum wage job than no job and be a criminal. Surely they can do something to better their lives. MANY people came from worse than they had and went on to become productive and responsible citizens. NOTHING is owed to any one of us. Work hard for what you want. Don't break in a house and take from us responsible hard working people. If you do…. well this is the result. They are fortunate that the family they terrorized weren't packing… Problem would've been solved IMMEDIATELY! They have a second chance now.

  76. Mary Miskimen

    I cannot speak for Denny. I agree with several of your idea's. I NEVER agree with stereotyping! That seems to be quite common on these articles. Sadly, that will never change. I would like to thank you for being mature with your comment's. That is VERY rare. GOD Bless and have a wonderful Christmas :)

  77. Mary Miskimen

    Don't stoop to the level of the ignorant Lindsey (Morris is obviously ignorant and trying to get a rise out of other's ). You seem like an educated and very nice lady! I cannot imagine what it's like for you, but try and be the better person!

  78. Stephen DeBoever

    Yarberjoe: The theme here is triplets, not the 'blacks" or slaves or civil war. You hold too much hatred while harboring and promoting racism. Israel has nothing to do with three idiots leading a life of crime and mayhem. Get some help.

  79. Rick Vartorella

    Mr.Robbins I concur sir it is not so much a question of race as it is a question of mind set, nepotism & false entitlement know no color. for those so inclined it is ALL ABOUT ME!

  80. Debbie Pilent

    their are many and they are not all black and some of the comments are just plain stupidity talking yes everybody has a right to your op but putting race into the mix is just plain stupid on your part their are if not more white's than black in prisons all over the place mexican's chinese and japanese etc…… so quit making this a black thing to all those your making your selfs look really stupid look at how many serial killers are out their out of 400 of them only less than a hand full are black or of color so don't be so damg quick to judge others and to say some of the crap being said is just stupid.

  81. Jim Harrington Sr

    Lindsey Johnson – but not at the same rate. Check your statistics. White culture also frowns on the "gangsta life", we with few exceptions, reject it.

    We do not make up a language and then call it "our culture". Lots of differences kitten.

  82. Chuck Smith

    Jim Harrington Sr ———-Now that's a SHOCKED!!! Ha…So ridiculous. That's one of a million issues within the black culture. 500 kids with 600 different fathers who pay zero support. So much needs to be changed and it will be. These idiots, we should have a drop off box, like when we return movies late….perhaps just give these scumbags to the Islamic Muslim Terrorists for practice. We need to offset the debt and cut the red ink…..just get rid of them. No one will care.

  83. Patricia Call

    One would have thought that at least one of these young men could have learned from the older brother and taken a different road in life. It is never too late.

  84. Chuck Smith

    What dingbats….make sure these rocket scientists don't create even more idiots. Whackos. IQ of all 3=100.

  85. Kristine Harley

    It's really immature and crosses a line to accuse someone you do not know of having been in prison. Stop it now.

  86. Ginger Curry

    The ignorant racists posts are more disgusting than the criminals in the original post. Unfortunate that white trash has learned to use the internet. Too bad these low-life posts cannot be linked to the churches these losers attend. It would make for interesting discussions of what Christianity and decency are about.

  87. Ginger Curry

    The racial comments are from white males who are posting. Interesting that these same racists then attack Lindsey. Rob Fulton asks if they are her "baby's daddy"… an obnoxious personal attack regardless of the race of the men. And not one of the oh, so decent males posting express any distaste for the crudeness of this remark. What kind of mothers, wives, daughters do you men have?

  88. Anonymous

    Ginger Curry LOL racists more disgusting than criminals. Get mad at the people who perpetuate the stereotypes. Having top commenter next to your name does quite a disservice to this cite, or perhaps, you are indicative of the type of idiotic species that clamors to this cite.

  89. Rhett Bogan

    That's right Babe…They were man enough to make the choice so they should be man enough to take what they have coming….See Ya'!!!!

  90. Jane Hyden

    Rob Fultonshe is expressing her opinion………and you have to say something real nasty about it. you ought to be ashamed… dont know anything about lindsey at all!

  91. Delores Johnson

    Gee, WHAT a surprise! Set of BLACK AMERICAN triplets who are ALL gang members and ALL in jail.

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