Its Unclear How Long Balor Will Be Out of Action

Finn Balor Reveals When He Plans To Bring Back ‘Demon King’ Persona

The past couple of months have not been the rollercoaster ride for Finn Balor that many WWE fans believed his return would be. The WWE Universe was hopeful that Finn would return to Raw with a hero’s welcome and a significant push back into the WWE Universal Title picture. Unfortunately, WWE officials have hit the brakes on his push since his return and any plans for that to change have been pushed back more than once.

The WWE Universe remains frustrated over Finn Balor’s booking heading into WWE Great Balls of Fire on Sunday. As of this writing, he doesn’t have a match on the card. That’s a strange thing considering Balor is a top babyface on Raw. WWE fans are waiting patiently for him to receive a bigger push and to bring back his “Demon King” persona. While rumors continue to circulate as WWE SummerSlam inches closer, Finn Balor revealed during an interview with Sports Illustrated the following about bringing back “The Demon King.”

“‘The Demon King’ will be back, eventually. But for the moment that hasn’t really been required and I’m very happy just walking out there, pop my collar, and have fun. I’m sure there will be a situation in time – maybe in the near future – that the ‘Demon King’ will need to be drawn upon. But right now, I’m cool.”

Finn Balor Hasnt Brought Back The Demon King Since Returning to WWE
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On paper, Balor not using “The Demon King” is best for business. The last time the WWE Universe saw the persona was at WWE SummerSlam last year. Balor bringing it back a year later will be a big event. Not only that but rarely using “The Demon King” persona will ensure the fans don’t tire of it too quickly. There is a lot of money in Finn Balor as a babyface, so WWE officials are waiting for the right time to give him a big push.

Finn Balor is Being Primed For a Huge Match With Brock Lesnar
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He may not have an official match on the card, but Balor is expected to do something with Elias Samson on the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV. The WWE Universe isn’t thrilled about the feud between Balor and Elias Samson because there are more interesting things Finn could be doing on Raw. Balor could be entering into a rivalry with Brock Lesnar down the line, which could serve as a situation to bring back “The Demon King.”

WWE officials are clearly high on Finn Balor, but his recent injury may have scared them off the idea of him being pushed to the top of the WWE ladder so quickly after returning. If Finn Balor doesn’t receive a bigger push on Raw before WWE SummerSlam, it’s likely that the fall will be his time to shine after WWE officials get through the biggest show of the summer. For now, WWE fans need to be patient. Balor’s time will come.

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