Kelly Ripa's ratings are down

Kelly Ripa Ratings Are Sinking; Are Ryan Seacrest’s Days On ‘Live’ Numbered?

Kelly Ripa’s ratings are in the toilet, so much so that Live With Kelly And Ryan‘s days may very well be numbered, In Touch Weekly is reporting.

It’s been no secret that Live has had a hard time finding its footing since Ryan Seacrest joined the cast on May 1, following co-host Michael Strahan’s departure. However, Disney executives, as well as TV-industry watchers, chalked it up to an expected dip in ratings with the addition of a new host. After all, it would take a little time for the audience to get used to Ryan, but those ratings were expected to go back up eventually.

Now, two months later, the ratings problem hasn’t been resolved. Live has failed to gain its old, Strahan-Era ratings. And now, it appears, the show – at least, in its present form – may be coming to an end thanks to low ratings. At least, that’s what an insider source close to the show, speaking anonymously to In Touch Weekly, is saying.

“It seems Ryan has lost his Midas touch… he’s just not registering with viewers for some reason.”

Just how bad are the ratings with Ryan Seacrest in the co-host chair? Not only have they failed to reach their pre-Ryan numbers, they’re down a full 33 percent over the previous year! In the television industry, that’s a sure a sign of death as anything.

So why is Ryan Seacrest failing as co-host? Give a satisfactory answer to that question and you’ll likely be meeting with ABC executives, as they’re almost certainly as desperate for an answer as you are. Best anyone can figure, as Radar Online reported in early June, is that Ryan isn’t happy in New York – and perhaps it’s coming through to the viewers?

If Ryan Seacrest is fired, that will likely make Ryan happy (if rumors that he’s unhappy in New York are to be believed), but it would leave Kelly in the lurch, again, for the second time in a few months. Already, Kelly has had to gamely soldier on during the Strahan debacle. Considering how that whole thing went down – with ABC and Strahan making the announcement that Strahan was leaving, while Kelly was on vacation – it was a wonder the show survived at all.

Further, Kelly had a personal hand in picking Seacrest for her co-host. Firing him would potentially leave Kelly with even more egg on her face.

At this point, it bears noting that there has been no official word from Live producers, the Walt Disney Company, or anyone associated with the show, on Live‘s future. What’s more, tips from “anonymous insider sources” are not always reliable, and it could very well be that executives are willing to take a wait-and-see approach before making any decisions on what to do with the Ryan & Kelly equation.

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