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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Could Fans See A Repeat Of The Battle Back This Year?

Big Brother 19 fans know to “expect the unexpected.” Last season, production introduced a new competition to the game, giving evicted houseguests the opportunity to win their way back into the game. Actually, they did it twice with Victor Arroyo being successful in both competitions. He was the houseguest that the other Big Brother houseguests just couldn’t seem to take out. After winning his way back in twice, he went on to become a fan-favorite for BB18, a bromance-partner with Paul and was in fifth place for the season.

Since premiere night, there have been questions of where Cameron Heard is. He was the one evicted after only 12 hours in the house.When Kevin anonymously took the $25,000 temptation, the curse was that a vet, Paul, entered the Big Brother house and took the spot of a houseguest. Since that night, fans of Big Brother have pondered the whereabouts of Cameron on social media. There are no posts, tweets, or pics showing up for the evicted superfan. Recently, Big Brother hostess Julie Chen did an interview where she was asked about Cameron. She said that she had no clue what he was up to.

According to Hidden Remote, there may be an exciting reason we can’t find Cameron. He could have been sequestered since his eviction, and now waiting to compete in a Battle Back into the Big Brother house. Of course, that means that Jillian Parker would have been put in sequester as well after she was evicted on Thursday.

Fans will be able to tune in for a special episode of Big Brother on Friday, July 21. That is conveniently the day after the fourth live eviction of the season. Could that be the Battle Back that is rumored to be coming this season? If so, it explains why fans can’t locate Cameron. Big Brother is known for throwing twists into the game and the Battle Back was a popular one last year.

Megan Lowder, having self-evicted, should not be included in a Battle Back and it is very doubtful she would be. Megan forfeited her right to compete when she left the Big Brother house due to PTSD. To take a break from the game to regroup emotionally and then be allowed to compete for re-entry would be very upsetting to the millions of fans that would have gladly taken the spot Megan had in the pressure cooker of Big Brother.

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What do you think about the potential for a Battle Back this year on Big Brother 19? Do you think the houseguests would make different eviction choices if they knew this could be coming? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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