Ivanka Trump participating in G-20

Ivanka Trump Replaces Donald Trump At The Table Of G-20 Leaders, Expanding Roles & Conflict Of Interest?

The president of the United States thought it prudent to send his daughter Ivanka Trump to the G-20 summit. Ivanka Trump has to date, twice occupied her father’s post and continued to do so at the G-20 summit held in Hamburg on Saturday. Acting as the adviser to the White House, Ivanka Trump was seen sitting in the seat reserved for her father.

A member of the Russian delegation has confirmed this report by tweeting an image of Ivanka Trump sitting in the meeting room between the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was also caught in the snapshot.

“The second day of the G-20 summit begins with Africa, Migration, and Health. Ivanka accompanies President Trump,” Russian negotiator Svetlana Lukash tweeted.

When asked about the situation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that it falls within the competence of each delegation to decide which of its members replace the president in case of their absence. She also remarked that in such high-profile meetings, if a head of state of government is absent, it is not unusual to find a replacement for the candidate. In this case, Trump’s replacement was his daughter.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and daughter and adviser to US President Trump, Ivanka Trump, attend the G20 summit. [Image by Ukas Michael – Pool/Getty Images]

Prior to the G-20 plenary sessions, Ivanka Trump participated in a forum to promote a fund to facilitate the empowerment of women in developing economies. This initiative was a joint cooperation between Ivanka and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. From an adviser to participating in a high-profile international summit, Ivanka seems to have expanded political roles within the Trump administration. Donald Trump briefly added to the G-20 meeting, remarking that he was “very proud” of the work done by his daughter from day one.

President Donald Trump praises Ivanka Trump’s participation in the G-20 Summit. [Image by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images]

Even though the G-20 statute states that leaders can bring attendants on their behalf, it is not so common among world leaders that the attendants are members of their own family who hold public positions of such crucial importance and international significance. In the case of the Trump administration, it seems that the president’s daughter derives the role of the true First Lady rather than Melania Trump.

[Featured Image by Ukas Michael – Pool/Getty Images]