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Shia LaBeouf Replaced On ‘Transformers 4’ But Scores A Role In ‘Orphans’

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Shia LaBeouf was replaced on Transformers 4 with Nicola Peltz and Brendon Thwaites. LaGeouf’s “insufferablility” was allegedly so great that even the big budget Transformers sequel could not contain him, according to Screen Crave.

Transformers 4 will now feature a strong female protagonist and her race car-driver boyfriend. The two new performers will reportedly be filling the empty void left by Shia LaBeouf. Peltz had roles in The Last Airbender and Righteous Kill. Thwaites was among the cast of Maleficent. The film is tentatively slated for a June 2014 release.

Although LaBeouf will not be getting a paycheck from the Transformers sequel, he is not in danger of going without beer money. The New York Times reports that will make his Broadway debut in Orphans next spring. The play also stars Alec Baldwin. The Lyle Kessler drama details the troubles of two brothers who kidnap a mobster.

LeBeouf will play Treat, a small time thief who uses his strong personality to wield control over his younger brother. The pair live together in an old Philadelphia row house. Casting for the role of Phillip is ongoing. Alec Baldwin will play Harold, the kidnapped mobster. The crime figure reportedly goes beyond the stereotypical tough guy persona and reveals his emotional debt after the abduction.

Orphans was a critically acclaimed off Broadway play in 1985. During the original run Terry Kinney played Treat, Kevin Anderson appeared as Phillip, and John Mahoney took the stage as the mobster. Shia LaBeouf’s first Broadway endeavor will begin preview performances in March at the Schoenfeld Theater. The play will officially open in April. Orphans is directed by Tony Award winner Daniel Sullivan.

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3 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf Replaced On ‘Transformers 4’ But Scores A Role In ‘Orphans’”

  1. Sonia Kikis

    Without Shia on Transformers it will be crap. Any sequel that replaces original cast loses my vote

  2. Matty Matt

    u gotta remember tho…in the last transformers megan fox was replaced and it turned out good 😛 so don't give ur hopes up yet

  3. Sonia Kikis

    hated the blond chick – loved megan. the last transformers probably changed the plot line to suit the blondie. I couldn't see megan in that sophisticated role bit, unless though, it had something to do with cars.

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