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‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Week Of July 3 Leads To Secrets Being Exposed In Salem

DOOL fans, prepare for secrets to be exposed in Salem in the coming weeks. The death of Deimos and the after-effects of the Halo drug have caused upheaval and confusion for many of the party-goers.

The following will contain DOOL spoilers. If you would rather be surprised, stop reading now.

JJ is officially charged with the murder of Deimos. With Lani’s statement and DNA evidence, it isn’t looking good for him. When Jennifer comes to see him, he confides that he just may have killed Deimos. DOOL fans know that Lani wants to help JJ. She has Marlena hypnotize her in order to find out what she really saw.

As the investigation into the murder of Deimos continues, the list of enemies is long. Paul and Sonny agree to keep quiet on what they know, but secrets start to become unveiled.

Jennifer is worried about her daughter as well. She asks Chad to intervene to stop Abigail from marrying Dario. He doesn’t feel it is his place to interfere, however. Even though he is thinking of Abigail, he stays by Gabi’s side. In a soapy twist, Abigail and Dario need witnesses for their wedding. Chad and Gabi are the ones that end up standing with them for their vows. Once they are married, Chad has a few words for his son’s new stepfather. He wants it very clear that Thomas is his son and always will be.

Things are tense between Eric and Nicole, as they are both experiencing flashbacks from their time together while under the influence of Halo. In her jumble of emotions, she becomes upset with him. Eric causes her to be caught in a lie.

Sneaky Tripp is still determined to destroy Kayla. As the hospital staff believes she made a near fatal mistake, Tripp is still after revenge. Joey starts to confess an Ava secret to Tripp. Could this be when DOOL fans will see Joey admit he is the one that murdered Tripp’s mother, and not their father?

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Rafe plans a special day for Hope. A romantic proposal is in the works. This time, Hope says yes. Early spoilers released by She Knows said September would bring bachelor and bachelorette parties. It sounds like DOOL fans will soon see “Rope” tying the knot.

Lucas does not approve of his mother’s marriage to Andre. He makes it clear to Kate that her decision to join the Dimera family once again is a bad move.

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