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Elin Nordegren Plays ‘Do You Know Who I Am’ Card In Miami

Elin Nordegren Plays 'Do You Know Who I Am' Card In Miami

Elin Nordegren for a moment was one of the most famous faces in America, a scorned wife determined to pick up the pieces after a very public cheating scandal.

But as the attention from the Tiger Woods cheating scandal has faded, Elin Nordegren has reportedly slipped into relative obscurity herself. The Swedish model was recently seen out in Miami, going unnoticed and having to remind people that she was once famous in order to get into an exclusive club.

As ANI reported, Nordegren was spending some time in Miami with friends. Along with two of her siblings and Swedish hockey player Douglas Murray, the group at at Mr. Chow and later tried to get into an exclusive club.

Only now that she’s split from Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren doesn’t get the recognition she once did.

“Nobody recognizes her — she was only a celebrity because she married Tiger Woods,” a confidential source told ANI.

When the group finished dinner and tried to go to Hyde nightclub, they were initially refused entry.

“Someone in the entourage said, ‘This is Elin, Tiger Woods’ wife,’ so only after they dropped the name, they let her in,” a source said.

Nordegren and Murray had been spotted together in July, but told a Swedish tabloid that they weren’t dating. As the group spent time at the nightclub, there were few people to pry in on their relationship, ANI noted.

Nordegren continued her quiet time in Miami on Saturday, when she met up with a group of friends that included Nicole Kuehne, former wife of another pro golfer, Hank Kuehne.

Back in Sweden, Elin Nordegren still carries some sway — and in other parts of Florida, too. The model recently bought a 21,000-square-foot mansion with some of the $100 million she got in her divorce settlement with Tiger Woods, TMZ reported.

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26 Responses to “Elin Nordegren Plays ‘Do You Know Who I Am’ Card In Miami”

  1. Dartana West

    She won't have her money long if she thinks she needs that mosileium to live in people with money amaize me, I wouldn't waste money on a house that is more like a barn than a home , how do you make a house that big cozy? it's not what I would spend millions on, that flag makes her and her kids a target if she wants to fly it she needs to take it home. this is the USA….. just sayin

  2. Ricky Bankston

    This only proves my theory all along that this bimbo is a GOLD DIGGER. Sure she can spend her money as she pleases but that's not the point. If only Tiger had known this from the beginning but he has himself to blame. And don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing his actions, but Tiger has the decease that most successful black athletes have: addiction to White girls syndrome. Isn't Elin engaged to the son of a Billionare? That's what I thought, LOL. GOLD DIGGER!

  3. Alan Humphrey

    Huuuummmmm she has to use Tiger Woods name to get admitted into a club? Why didn't she use her name, or that of the hockey player? Oh because no one cares about her or him…. you are not married to Tiger…so take his money, invest it wisely and move on….to Sweden.

  4. Alan Humphrey

    still tying to be known…but she is a flash in the pan….men watch out for these women..marry you for your name and/or money. She might have been HE$$ to live with….we will never really know the true story.

  5. Lindsey Johnson

    Name dropping? It appears someone is not fond of the "Hollywood Exes" tv show…. Lol. She's not far from being a regular. She has so much money I don't even see why she would even care. I'd demolish whatever property or land was next to that club and build my own!

  6. Donna Boucher

    She's just another blonde bimbo, why should anyone recognize her?

  7. Michael Anderson

    If you had a brain you would realize she could have reaked havoc when the divorce was going on. She was a good mother & classy person only looking out for the kids & not starting a mess! Unlike all those IDIOT stars in Hollywood….

  8. Michael Anderson

    Lindsey Johnson – I'm not offended but people nor kin to her but the idots complaining here are the same ones who idolize the morons in Hollywood who have affairs, marry 10 different spouce's in 8 years & produce kids out of wedlock! There is your trashy fools!

  9. Monica Odom

    well i would suppose that if he only lives ten miles down the beach its prob his weekend with the kiddos so funny these stories but @Charlotte Flick you seem to have become Elin's defender however noble of you and yes Tiger did her wrong but the whole poop poor pituful me my lawyer was in cahorts with Tigers lawyer when she got a damn good settlement is like whatever and she is able to have two homes and able to share time with the kids and I am sure Tiger is a decent dad to his kids just because he messed up and had extra marital affairs and tried to blame it on a sex addiction however lame he is still a good person to his family doesnt make her or him the bad guy but you must admit it appears she has some issues going on maybe even regrets for not sticking it out but come on just put an american flag up next to the swedish flag and everyone get over it just sayin 😀 meo62 . ws

  10. Michael Anderson

    Lindsey Johnson Lindsey Johnson – I'm not offended nor kin to this gorgious lady but the idots complaining here are the same ones who idolize the morons in Hollywood who have affairs, marry 10 different partners in 8 years & produce kids out of wedlock! There is your trashy fools!

  11. Zoe Winthrop

    I wonder how much Katie Holmes will get when her divorce will become final. It always helps if you have a child in the equation, because then you have a connection for the next eighteen years while the child is growing up, plus the fact the child will get money as well. Anyway, you marry for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And a man is supposed to endow you with all his worldly goods. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! hahahahahahahaha

  12. Terry Haggin

    Elin seems to be a very classy, strong woman who is determined to raise her children as best as she can. She was a good nanny for other people, handled her situation with her husband well and now is studying to make herself better. I am very happy for her and wish her the very best. She is looking for happiness and I hope that she finds it.

  13. Larry N Tammy Hiebert

    To each their own. still think they could have worked it out, thus saving our comments at her gold digging.

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