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New Evidence Suggests Noah’s Biblical Flood Actually Happened

Did the Biblical flood actually happen?

The Biblical account of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood rides the line between fact and fiction, depending on your religious prejudices. Now, an acclaimed underwater archaeologist says that he has found evidence that the Biblical Flood may have actually happened after all.

Robert Ballard, one of the world’s best-known underwater archaeologists told ABC News that his team has been exploring the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey, searching for an ancient civilization hidden underwater since the purported time of Noah and the Biblical Flood. He says that 12,000 years ago, most of the world was covered in ice.

“Where I live in Connecticut was ice a mile above my house, all the way back to the North Pole, about 15 million kilometers, that’s a big ice cube,” he said. “But then it started to melt. We’re talking about the floods of our living history.”

The ice began to melt, rushing into the oceans, and there you have your Biblical Flood. “The questions is, was there a mother of all floods,” Ballard said.

Following up on a controversial theory proposed by two Columbia University scientists, Ballard set out to find evidence of a Black Sea-region mega-flood.

“We went in there to look for the flood,” he said. “Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed… The land that went under stayed under.”

About 400 feet below the surface, they found an ancient shoreline, which proves to Ballard that the Biblical Flood did indeed occur in the Black Sea region. He carbon dated shells at the shoreline, and said that he believes they have established a timeline of the event, which he believes happened around 5,000 BC.

“It probably was a bad day,” Ballard said. “At some magic moment, it broke through and flooded this place violently, and a lot of real estate, 150,000 square kilometers of land, went under.”

The Biblical account of Noah and the Great Flood is not unique to the Bible. Many flood myths have been handed down in different cultures over time, long before the Noah story appeared in the Bible. Many archaeologists believe that such an event may have happened, even if it doesn’t strictly match up to legendary accounts.

Next, Ballard hopes to find more evidence of civilizations in the sea, which he calls the “largest museum on Earth.”

“It’s foolish to think you will ever find a ship,” Ballard said, referring to the Ark. “But can you find people who were living? Can you find their villages that are underwater now? And the answer is yes.”

Do you think that the Biblical Flood of Noah’s time actually happened?

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60 Responses to “New Evidence Suggests Noah’s Biblical Flood Actually Happened”

  1. Michele Archer

    Wow, maybe scientists will finally catch up with the Bible after all. I'm waiting to see if they ever catch the correlation between the Bible and quantum physics. Not holding my breath.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Carl Dennis

    This guys way off base he needs to read the Bible the flood did happen but not from ice melting.. will science ever catch up? Go back to the drawing board dude!

  4. Carl Dennis

    This guys way off base he needs to read the Bible the flood did happen but not from ice melting.. will science ever catch up? Go back to the drawing board dude!

  5. JuLeah Willson

    Of course a flood happened. Science has known that for a long time. Many cultures tell this story, most pre-date Noah.

    Did an early PETA member by the name of Noah actually bring ALL the animals – two-by-two- onto his ship and save them… hummm, no. That's a bit far fetched.

    Did all humanity, save Noah, his wife, their sons' and their wives die? Hummm. no… that's a bit far fetched too.

  6. Ioka Tavita H Tasi

    Maybe yah need to ready ur bible, soo u will know exactly what will happened! I can't wait for the coming of Jesus Christ! Everyone will look for theArc of Noah!! True story nd it will happened

  7. Tony A. Cardoza

    To be frank, I don't think polar bears even existed at that paticular time, I'm not a macro evolutionist but a micro evolutionist. I believe that all the bears from the panda to the polar bear were descended from that one bear couple that was in the ark….same with every other kind of animal we have today are variations, by genetic variations, to produce the very vast amounts of species we have today. You can even include us, in the biblical account climate changed after the flood bring about the seasons we know today,

  8. Michael Jones

    Believing in GOD or not. GOD or something else. Faith , some one said you could have a Harley or a bicycle, which would you choose.With nothing to lose I'll take the Harley.

  9. Steve Titus

    It's a fairy tale designed to teach the difference between good and evil and what will happen to the evil if they continue in their ways…….Just like the rest of the bible. A fairy tale!

  10. Steve Titus

    I can and I don't. If faith is what helps you sleep at night, then you are a lamb for the slaughter. They killed all the christians, didn't they? Or were some on the ark? WHAT A CROCK!

  11. Greg Johnson

    been allot of inbreeding to re-populate the world….no wonder there seem to be so many halfwits that are scared of the unseen great power that watches us constantly and make sure we do "good" and don't sin, at least we aren't still sacrificing virgins….of course there have been a lot of hurricanes, snow storms, etc…maybe it's time to put something pleasing on the alter!

  12. Carl Dennis

    For people that can't believe Noah got all them animals together on the ark they also seem to think the creator of the universe without any effort is a men that has difficulties with such small issues..

  13. Esther Almora

    It may not happen the way he described.. but I believe ocurred! no doubt about it! if something can't be completely proved doesn't mean that didn't exist!

  14. Steve Titus

    YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, Anna Nichole Smith maried for love, and who really was around to record the events in the Garden of Eden. AND, if Adam and Eve were the first humans, and their children were Cain and Able (boy, thewse are some names, huh?) then where did their wives come from?? Fairy tales! Would you like to buy some swampland in Florida?>

  15. Carl Dennis

    For people that can't believe Noah got all them animals together on the ark they also seem to think the creator of the universe without any effort is a men that has difficulties with such small issues. (Gods Word made it happen) It would take and utter fool to believe anything else.. And most scientist today are liberal idiots that refuse to look at the evidence of predictions in the Bible coming to pass.. The day after Obama was elected the daily pick 3 number out of Illinois the state he ran out of was 666 the Anti-Christ number and the same day the daily 4 number was 7779 which 777 is completion and 9 is judgement in the Bible… Wake up! Don't take the RFID chip in your body Obama care is going to insist you take! It sounds like the mark of the beast the Bible warns about and may very well be!

  16. Kenyatta Last

    Why would you build a big ark for a regional flood? To escape the flood, all you had to do is travel to another area.

  17. Kim Newcomer

    There were no Christians on the Ark because there weren't any Christians back then…you're at least 3,000 years too early for Christians.

  18. John Thomas

    Apparently you haven't either. There were no Christians at the time of Noah. Christians did not emerge until the Christ. Noah was well before that time. Got any better logic?

  19. Chris Smith

    no dumbass.. I know that the flood killed no Christians because Jesus had not been even born yet. Second, it says none were good on the entire earth. So they wouldnt have been "Christians " anyway. brush up on the Bible moron.

  20. Lauren Siegel

    Tony A. Cardoza That makes no sense. You just said that you believe in evolution in a short period of time but not a long period of time. Face palm! Hey, how do you explain dinosaurs?

  21. Lauren Siegel

    People back then and "pre-date Noah" thought the world was flat and did not know there was land past what they could see. They may have experienced a large flood, but there is no evidence of a global flood that wiped out all of existence other than what was on one boat and covered all land mass.

  22. Lauren Siegel

    Did anyone else notice that the archaeologists mentioned that the "earth was covered in ice 1200 years ago"? Umm, if you believe in the bible, then the earth is only 6,000 years old. Kinda conflicting here, don't cha think?

    There may very well have been an enormous localized flood in this part of the world but there is no evidence of a global flood that would cover all land mass and kill every last living creature besides those on one boat. And there is no evidence that all of today's humanity came from one family. Sorry but you don't get black, white, brown, yellow, and red from one origin and then have diseases that are attributed to only one race (sickle cell).

  23. Dee Jolly Jr

    Okay you people must believe that Santa Clause could get presents for every boy and girl in a bag that would fit in a sleigh pullable by eight reindeer. you might as well as believe the biblical account as factual and that one family could repopulate the Earth into the millions in only 5,000 yrs. its just as much of a mathematical impossibility.

  24. Kenyatta Last

    The Santa clause argument is illogical and its been used by atheist to refute the existence of God. It's possible for the Earth population to increase exponentially in short period of time. Remember there was no Planned Parenthood

  25. Kenneth Cain

    Wow stories like this really bring out the nuts. I like the lady that says " I can't even imagine not believing the Bible, word for word." I think that may be the root of the problem here.

  26. Lauren Siegel

    It has already been debunked and is a known hoax put that was a ploy to bring in tourism and suckers. It worked. Biologist Todd Wood is director of the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College in Tennessee, which pursues biology in a creationist framework. He does not believe it is real and he said that after the flood there would have been no trees and so they would have used the boat to build lodging.

    "Proper analysis may show this to be a hoax and negatively reflect how gullible Christians can be," said American ark expert and evangelical Randall Price, who quit the group that announced this week they were "99% sure" they had found pieces of the biblical ark. He believes the wood was hauled to the discovery spot on Mt. Ararat by Kurdish men as a hoax staged for the team.

  27. Michele Archer

    People are so funny! The givens in the Biblical account include a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) who lived almost a thousand years. They were the first of their kind, ie…a pristine blood stream, which would make marrying your sister without suffering birth defects more than possible…and they certainly had opportunity to make a whole bunch of babies. The Bible says Adam and Eve had MANY sons and daughters. Because one book in the Bible only discusses two in particular doesn't mean they were the only ones. So if one family could start the whole thing thing, than Noah's, a second, more extended family could also do it, just faster.

  28. Rosy Rios

    Yes it did actually happened and I think it was just a regional event don't think the whole world was populated. And I don't waste my time figuring out how Noel got those animals in the ark. If God could do the world, the sea, nature, humanity, space, animals, stars, galaxy's, heaven ETC in only 7 DAYS! I what's a simple task like putting animals in the ark to him? After the ark was finished God told noel to leave the doors open for 7 more days so that unbelievers like some people could go in and save their life's. WE are now living in those 7 days of Gods mercy before the a mayor event that's about to come. Be wise and those who have ears (listen).

  29. Wedjat Mohamed

    soooo this article still isn't proof that the flood of noahs time actually happened; the title is misleading. there are many villages and cities underwater today so you still haven't shown proof THIS is the flood noah was involved in. this article isn't saying anything. a boat that is taller than a 3 story building and half the length of a disney carnival cruise liner shouldn't be hard to find even if its not fully intact. nothing to see here. going back to being a heathen.

  30. Wedjat Mohamed

    since we're on the subject of noah's ark and the bible, have you christians ever thought about WHY these finding are ALWAYS and ONLY led by some european or american "professional" archaeological team a.k.a. WHITE people? I mean come on, use your critical thining skills. really think about it.

    WHY is it always caucasians finding all this epic "christian" stuff? why not the christians or archaeologists in these arab countries where things like this supposedly happened? I mean after all these arabs DO live there and their families have lived there for thousands and thousands of years. don't YOU think these stories of epic proportions would be handed down from generation to generation? I would think so. so why aren't these stories and findings ever coming from the turks or the other arabs in the region? u know why the locals aren't telling these stories that are so-called in the bible and only caucasians seem to have "the scoop"? it's because THEY NEVER HAPPENED and you're falling for the biggest lie that's been ever told so they can cash in on you like they've been cashing in on you ever since christianity was created.

    but then again I can see how easy people fall for this christianity propaganda because there are too many gullible people on this planet. I mean come on, there are people who bathe in cow piss because they believe it is sacred. show a man "hope" and he'll follow you to the ends of the earth no matter how many lies and fairytales you tell him.

  31. Philip Coon

    Well in 1947 a Bedouin shepherd boy named Muhammed EDH-Dhib Made the Greatest Archeological Discovery Ever when he found the Dead sea scrolls, the Oldest copies of all the Old testement books, and they confirm just what we have today, they even lay to rest the Skeptics theory on some of the most Precise Prophesies concerning the Comming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, skeptics thought they were written after the fact, The scrolls prove otherwise.

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