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Runner Survives 69-Mile Long Marathon — And Has Massive Blisters On Legs To Prove It [Photos]

A long-distance runner pushed her way through severe summer conditions to overcome a 69-mile long marathon sprint that ultimately left the athlete with huge, pus-filled blisters on the back of her muscular legs.

Mother-of-two Julie Nisbet completed the famed run known as The Wall in England on June 17, as the Daily Mail reports, and in turn, received an unwanted trophy of a horrific sunburn on both of her calves that led to engorged and orange blisters forming beneath Nisbet’s skin after the race.

Nisbet reportedly finished The Wall in under 21 hours with assistance from sunscreen that, she says, began to sweat off her skin shortly after starting the run, thank to that day’s high temperature of 30°C (86°F).

“I had started to feel the sunburn during the the run,” Julie admits, “but I didn’t notice the blisters until after I finished.”

As they were, by Nisbet’s own admission, “small” enough to wrap beneath ace bandages for effective healing, Julie chose to recover from The Wall in the comfort of her home.

An image of the smaller blisters that first formed on Nisbet’s legs can be seen below. Please be advised that it might be graphic for some readers.

However, less than 24 hours after the bumps first appeared on Nisbet’s body, the tiny bubbles of pus that had situated on the runner’s legs began to form into “enormous,” bubble-sized blisters that caused Julie, what she claimed, was a “screeching” high amount of pain that came from the bandages being unwrapped from around her sunburned skin.

The more graphic images of Nisbet’s injury, which she also shared via Twitter, can be viewed here and here.

Speaking with Metro on the medical matter, Julie stated that she wasn’t sure whether the boils were caused by the sunburn she suffered or if she accidentally brushed against a poisonous plant known as Giant Hogweed while making her way through the marathon.

“I don’t remember coming across any Hogweed,” the runner acknowledged, “but [for] the last twenty or thirty miles [of the marathon], we were running through a forest.”

A close friend of the runner’s was said to have first mentioned the possibility of the blisters being related to the weather conditions during The Wall to Julie, which led to the athlete putting two and two together as to why and how the “gruesome” pus bubbles expanded the way they did, as Metro goes on to note.

runner blisters
A marathon runner has shared graphic images of the massive, pus-filled blisters she was “rewarded” after finishing a recent 69-mile run. [Image by mikkellwilliam/iStock]

Now effectively healing back at home with family after having the blisters successfully drained by doctors, Nisbet has said the shock of the experience has not put her off the idea of placing her “sole” back on the pavement sometime in the future.

“This isn’t the end of the world,” she remarked, adding, “they’re only scars. I’m sure I’ll live to run another day, [but] I will be making sure I reapply my sun cream when I’m running in the future.”

The doctors and nurses who treated the runner’s injury say that the massive blisters, surprisingly, caused no lasting damage to Nisbet’s legs.

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