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Former Police Officer To Be Executed On Tuesday

Former police officer executed in Florida

Former police officer Manuel Pardo is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday evening for the murder of nine people in 1986.

According to USA Today, Pardo is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Tuesday night at Florida State Prison. Pardo’s lawyers have filed an appeal saying that their client should not be put to death because he is mentally ill.

Lawyer Ronald Guralnick said: “I think that anyone who would get up and ask a jury sentence him to death is insane.”

According to News Channel 6, Pardo was a respected member of the Florida police force but was eventually fired for lying during a trial. After Pardo was fired he went on a three-month crime spree and ended up killing nine people. Most of Pardo’s victims were involved with drugs, although some were just innocent bystanders, and Pardo argued that he was doing the world a favor by killing his victims.

During his trial Pardo said:

“They’re parasites and they’re leeches, and they have no right to be alive. Somebody had to kill these people.”

Pardo’s lawyers may be trying to stall their client’s execution but Pardo has been waiting for this day for a long time. At the end of his trial in 1988 Pardo pleaded with the jury to quickly send him to death row.

Pardo said:

“I am a soldier, I accomplished my mission and I humbly ask you to give me the glory of ending my life and not send me to spend the rest of my days in state prison.”

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47 Responses to “Former Police Officer To Be Executed On Tuesday”

  1. Dewey Beck

    Why stall the death of Manuel Pardo who is scheduled to die at Florida State Prison death house tomorrow evening, don't make no since to stop it, hell the asswipe has a death wish hook him up, he will not be killing nobody else.

  2. Christopher Wages

    Strap him to a chair and put him in a room with all the family and friends of his victims that were affected. Those people would pay to do this and it would save taxpayer money.

  3. Tim Coyle

    Why did it take 26 years? Should be a set set of rules in place to be followed for death penelty including any DNA test and executed within 1 year.

  4. Jon Bentz

    See ya, Pig! That retard in the governor's mansion isn't going to save your lousy ass. I'd send you to the state pen and toss you to the cons.

  5. James L. Crandall

    The man admitted his crimes and asked that the death penalty be applied and here we are 30 years later and he's still converting oxygen into carbon dioxide? I can almost understand a lengthy period of time (and by lengthy, I mean 5-10, not 30 years) to afford the convict time to exhaust his appealate rights under state law and for him/her to come to terms with their crimes and make what ammends that they can but to leave this guy on death row for thirty years just seems like a lot of wasted tax payer money. We need an express lane for death row cases like this. Give him five years to decide if he wants to appeal his sentence and if not or the appeal fails turn out the lights.

  6. Jose Valentin

    You stall the death because you want the perpetrator to reflect on his misdeeds. The longer you keep him in jail waiting for death the more he suffers waiting for death. It's a mental anguish thing. At least that's what I like to believe. The truth is the courts do allow all due process and has to allow this monster all the appeals option that is available by law.

  7. Bob O'Hara

    “They’re parasites and they’re leeches, and they have no right to be alive. Somebody had to kill these people.”.

    Sounds like he was acting logically and rationally to me. Kill him.

  8. Karen L. Downes Colon

    I agree. There should be a set of rules 1) only one appeal, if they find you guitly again tough SH** 2) execute them within 1 year and stop fiddling around 3) they take up a huge amount of space, time and energy to be watched and maintained. If they commit a murder they should have a speedy execution. We have Thomas Capano in 1999 he was sentenced to death for killing Anna Marie Fahey, he is still sitting on death row. Why?

  9. Neo Leo Poe

    Now he said,"they're parasites and they're leeches, and they have no right to be alive. Somebody had to kill these people!" Now Pardo, what you did on to others, will be done unto you. You not only killed drug dealers, in order to take their drugs and money… but you killed several people, that had nothing to do with drugs, or illegal crimes. So what about those people, some say that it was for the 'thrill' you got out of it. I for one will not weep for you!

  10. Bryce Anderson

    26 years, the tax payers paid for this guy's food and color TV….what a freakin' joke. IN China he would have been long gone. In this country, criminals have better lives than working law-abiding citizens when they are sent to prison. It does NOT make sense. Gang members sure as hell don't care any more. They get to see their friends when they go back.

  11. Lovell Brown

    Only in America they can get by with this kind of stuff and the tax payer has to support, play health care, dental live years free.

  12. Doug Wallace

    Yeah – I remember this guy. He is one of the shape shifters from Fringe!

  13. Jay Battery Smith

    I say we do like other countries. If one is found guilty beyond a doubt of a horrific crime such as this, on the day they are sentenced to die, they be brought out to a waiting van that has the gurney and chemicals to carry out a lethal injection immediately after sentence

  14. Anonymous

    Cameron 'Elbows' Meyer, you are confusing the cases. I actually checked out your link. House was proved innocent by DNA testing and other sound evidences and testimonies while former Officer Padro 'was' killing people, making himself Judge/Jury, confessed to doing it and gave 'his own reasonable' reasons why he 'decided' these people had to die. I wonder how you would feel if one of your loved ones happened to be a victim of his recklessness…Raymond Soretire, Houston, TX.

  15. James Owens

    If you can convince the U.S. Supreme Court, ACLU, the numerous Human Rights and Religious Watch groups, and the condemned to forego the appeal process I vote for execution upon sentencing.

  16. Jay Battery Smith

    26 years to carry out justice is ridiculous. These states and mainly the US government need to clean up their appeals process so that people like this are executed in a timely fashion, not almost 30 yrs later. Look at California, only eleven people have been executed since they reinstated the death penalty 36 years ago and the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, age 51 is expected to be in his 70s when he is finally executed because of the appeals process. Ridiculous.

  17. Gary Underwood

    West Memphis 3 ring a bell??? I'm all for quickly executing these subhumans but only if the subhumans within the police depts, prosecutor's office, etc. are executed just as quickly when it is discovered that they jailed an innocent person. Sometimes it takes decades to unravel the ball of yarn put forth by the brotherhood…………….

  18. Mark Methlie

    The irony is that he may be executed before cop killer Mumia Abul-Jamal.

  19. Abraham Hosea

    what a real nazi pig! and his lawyer sounds just as bad. someone ought to investigate him too.

  20. Eric Breslin

    Cameron – your example is without merit. It couldn't be further from similarity. Pardo stated he did it. He also asked for a speedy execution. Where did you think an exoneration would come from? He was found guilty … he stated he was guilty … he was given the death penalty … he requested it come sooner rather than later. This wasn't a man pleading innocence.

  21. Jordan Mykal Cross

    I agree. He should NOT be put to death, but instead, should live in a 5 by 5 cell for the rest of his days, without any form of communication from other human beings. EVER.

  22. Barbara Henderson Colaricci

    Look at those eyes. I don't think anything they do to him would make a difference. He's too far gone. What a sad story. I wonder if he would have snapped had he not been fired – or would he have used his status as a police officer to shoot first and answer questions later?

  23. Austin Wade Rozzell

    WOW I guess I could say he murdered people from Ohio so he should get a medal, and then I would fell like David Reid

  24. Austin Wade Rozzell

    WOW I guess I could say he murdered people from Ohio so he should get a medal, and then I would feel so proud of my self, like David Reid

  25. Tammy Blaylock Kipf

    He ASKED the jury to kill him! He admitted his crimes. I think he lawyers are just a bunch of parsites and making $$ off the state as they are most likely appointed by the state. "Quick get in one last appeal before the cut his chain"!

  26. Patty Urban

    ohh so you like how china does things..sooo why dont you go live there and log into your facebook acct and state your thoughts…ohh thats right you cant, because china doesnt allow people to have free thoughts or facebook..yea they really got it going on there…not…

  27. Kevin Johnson

    You need to go back to basic English classes. Dewey don't write that you are from the University Of Central Texas when you can't put a sentence together.

  28. Patrick Thacker

    really? thats the solution? give him a medal? what if one of those druggies was a member of your family…a brother or sister of yours who needed help and could have benifited from help? i guess you just need to kill everyone who is in need of help huh? no mercy huh? i'l bet you are a christian to huh? i'd be willing to bet you voted for bussh( both of them) and romney too……how very christian of you….just kill the weak and be done with them……you should be ashamed….but i guess your god says its ok to just kill whomever…oh wait he does say that…..

  29. Patrick Thacker

    wow….ill bet your god taught you that……you are sad….innocent people were killed… people who had nothing to do but be in the wromg place at the wrong time… i guess they deserved to die also huh….how fuckin' christian of you……

  30. Bryce Anderson

    well…..say what you will…but we will never go to war with China….why? Because we would lose. God is on the side with the biggest army!!! lol

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