Frankie Grande joined BB19

‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Did Paul Abrahamian And Frankie Grande Join The ‘BB19’ Cast? Social Media Thinks So!

Big Brother 19 will kick off in just four days, and if the rumors are right, it will be one heck of a season ahead.

According to Hamster Watch’s Twitter page, Paul Abrahamian may have joined the cast. And, that’s not all, either. Many Twitter Big Brother fans believe that Frankie Grande may be coming back, too. If the rumors are correct, it may be an exciting summer.

Evidence Of Paul’s Return

Abrahamian came in second place during Big Brother 18. Many BB18 viewers believed that he was robbed when Nicole Franzel won by conquering a bitter jury. It makes sense why CBS would want him to return. He was entertaining, competitive, and fiercely loyal—and most of all, he would fit into any cast.

The fact that Paul has disappeared from social media doesn’t help quiet the rumors of his return to Big Brother. His recent tweets are out of the ordinary for Abrahamian, not using emojis and switching from an iPhone to an Andriod device. It may not seem like much evidence, but it is eyebrow-raising, at the very least.

Another Three-Months With Frankie Grande?

Frankie was one of those houseguests that you either loved or hated. He stirred up controversy with his questionable behavior and his backstabbing gameplay, but if you want a player that will play the game, Frankie is your guy.

Grande added on his Twitter bio that he had played Big Brother “times three.” At first, Big Brother fans assumed that was a hint that CBS cast him in BB19. It is possible that his bio includes that he is an actual big brother to Ariana Grande and not the reality television show. So far, Grande has appeared on Big Brother 16 and Big Brother UK. Is it possible that CBS asked Frankie to come back to BB19?

At this point, no one knows if there will be another couple houseguests added to the Big Brother cast on premiere night. All the BB19 fans know is that the premiere episode preview stated that one player would face eviction. That would leave 15 houseguests, which is one to two players short of the standard cast size. So it is possible that CBS is planning on revealing at least two more players on June 28.

Big Brother 19 kicks off June 28 with a two-night premiere event on CBS.

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