Babysitter Beating Video: Parents Watch On Live Nanny Cam App As Sitter Abuses Their Special Needs Toddler

Babysitter Beating Video: Parents Watch On Live Nanny Cam App As Sitter Abuses Their Special Needs Toddler

A babysitter swatted and beat a 2-year-old boy with special needs, and the toddler’s terrified parents watched all of it play out through a live nanny cam.

The incident happened this week in California after mom Dyana Ko left her son Landon in the hands of a babysitter named Thelma Manalastas while she and her husband went to watch their other son’s basketball game. Before leaving, the couple set up a nanny cam that allowed them to check in live through an app on their cell phone.

What they saw left Dyana Ko sickened. As the mom later told CBS News, the nanny cam showed the babysitter allegedly beating the 2-year-old boy, even rolling up a magazine to swat the boy.

“I told the other moms. I said I think I see my special needs baby being abused. I think I’m going to pass out,” Ko told CBS News.

Ko and her husband were 20 minutes away from their home at the time called 911 and then raced home. Police arrived first, arresting babysitter Thelma Manalastas.

As Ko told CBS News, the beating was even more horrifying given her son’s delicate conditions. Landon suffers from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, which leaves him unable to speak or eat on his own. The boy is under round-the-clock care, the report noted.

The boy was hit several times during the attack, the New York Post reported, though the boy was able to escape without serious injury.

Some footage of the babysitter beating video can be seen below.

The video of the California babysitter beating caught on a nanny cam is reminiscent of another viral case that captured international attention. In late 2015, a family from Turkey caught an even more brutal beating on a nanny cam that showed a woman identified as a boy’s stepmother repeated striking and attempting to suffocate a young boy. The woman went on to sexually abuse the boy, all in view of the camera.

While the result of that case was not immediately clear, reports from Turkey indicate that the woman was put in jail where she was beaten by other inmates who learned about her crimes.

After the babysitter beating video emerged this week, Thelma Manalastas was fired from her position with healthcare employer Maxim Healthcare Services, CBS News reported. It was not clear what charges the sitter may be facing.

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