Spider Man Homecoming spoilers rumors of villains

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Spoilers: Rumors Of More Villains, Surprises Appearing In Marvel Movie Cast

The Spider-Man Homecoming spoilers are starting to pop up on the internet with regards to some surprise characters appearing in the film. With the new movie due out in just a few weeks, it’s already known that Michael Keaton will play the role of the Vulture, one of Spidey’s nemeses from the popular Marvel Comics series. However, at least three or four other villains may pop up on the screen when the film makes its debut. For those who want to see the movie with possible surprises, possible spoilers may be on the way in this report.

It was reported by Cultured Vultures on Friday that Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is appearing in the new film and will reprise her popular role from the previous Iron Man and Avengers films. Paltrow played Tony Stark’s assistant and love interest Pepper Pots in those films. Pots hasn’t been seen all that much in recent Marvel movies, making this a surprising return. Pepper last appeared in the Iron Man 3 movie and was ultimately the big hero of the film, saving Starks. The fact she hasn’t been shown at all in the Spider-Man trailers would seem to indicate a very short cameo appearance or two in the film, but it’s hard to say early on how important a role she’ll have.

Tom Holland plays Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in new film
Young actor Tom Holland plays Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the new Spider-Man Homecoming film. [Image by Ore Huiying/Getty Images]

In addition to Paltrow, actor Donald Glover will be a part of the Spider-Man Homecoming cast. It was rumored by many people that Glover might be in the film to transition towards a Miles Morales Spider-Man movie in the future. However, it’s now being reported that Glover will portray another character from the Spidey lore named Prowler. That could make for an extra villain beyond Keaton’s Vulture, the main baddie of the film.

But wait, there’s more. Actor Michae Mando is also listed on the cast list as Scorpion, which makes it three villains. That is until it’s seen that there will be not one, but two Shockers appearing in the film. That racks up the villain count to five villains, although one has to think several of these will be touched upon briefly. It’s possible that Spidey runs into and stops a few of them before ultimately trying to conquer the main villain of the movie.

Actress Jennifer Connelly is listed on the cast sheet as “Karen/Suit Lady,” which could mean she has a voice role, or simply plays a lady in a suit. The other good news for fans of the Marvel Universe is that another one of the Avengers, Steve Rogers aka Captain America will show up at some point in what could be a major spoiler leading way to a future film. Not only is Cap in the film, but the main boss behind him and all of the other Marvel heroes, Stan Lee, will make another surprise cameo appearance.

Stan Lee makes cameo in new Marvel movie
It wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee cameo appearance. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

So far it appears that early reactions to the upcoming film are calling this “easily the best Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2,” according to Comic Book Movie. That’s great news for fans of the character as it certainly hit some stumbling blocks between the third movie of that early trilogy and the newer versions starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. With Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man lending a helping hand to newcomer Tom Holland in this latest installment, things are looking up for New York’s resident web-slinger.

[Featured Image by Ore Huiying/Getty Images]