charlie sheen being sued for exposing woman to hiv

Charlie Sheen Sued For Allegedly Exposing Ex To HIV [Report]

Charlie Sheen is reportedly being sued by an ex-girlfriend for allegedly exposing her to the HIV virus, which the actor has confirmed he carries. Now, Sheen could be in some serious hot water if the woman’s claims are found to be true.

According to TMZ, a woman being called Jane Doe claims to have met a “confidential male defendant” and entered into a sexual relationship with him. The woman reveals that the sexual contact was not always protected. The accuser is not naming Charlie Sheen in public, but the site claims that there are hints revealing that the former Two and a Half Men star is the defendant in the case.

The biggest hint is that Jane Doe alleges in the lawsuit that the unnamed defendant went on national television on November 17, 2015, to announce that he was HIV positive. That is the same date that Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show to speak out about being infected with the virus.

The unidentified California woman, who claims to be a Russian emigre, also states that Sheen eventually told her about his HIV positive status, and told her to take two pills to prevent her from being infected with the virus. The actor then allegedly told her the drugs weren’t needed and not to believe the lies that the medical community has spewed about HIV. Sheen also reportedly told the woman that the “apocalypse” had “cleansed” her soul, and that she would be fine.

charlie sheen being sued for exposing woman to hiv
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To make matters worse, Charlie Sheen reportedly verbally abused the woman, calling her the n-word and also slammed the rest of the ladies who had accused him of exposing them to HIV saying they were “f***ing a**holes”

Jane Doe is now suing Charlie Sheen for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and fraud, and is seeking damages.

charlie sheen being sued for exposing woman to hiv
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Of course this isn’t the first time that Charlie Sheen has been sued for allegedly exposing a person to HIV. Back in December of 2015, the actor’s former fiancee, Scottine Ross, claimed that Charlie had lied about his HIV positive status during the duration of their relationship. She also filed a lawsuit against him.

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