Christian Burns: Instagram Model Taunts Security Guard At VidCon, Says 'You Aren't Famous, Kill Yourself'

Christian Burns: Instagram Model Taunts Security Guard At VidCon, Says ‘You Aren’t Famous, Kill Yourself’

Christian Burns is going viral, and it’s likely not the reason the Instagram model wanted.

The 19-year-old social media personality got into a spat with a security guard at VidCon, the annual conference for social media stars, YouTubers, and internet celebrities held in Southern California. The conference draws some of the biggest names among social media, though with just over 28,000 followers, Christian Burns likely doesn’t register among that group.

But he’s getting a lot of attention now after a viral video showed the Instagram model berating a security guard outside the conference. The entire context of the spat isn’t shown, but Burns could be seen throwing insults at the guards as they tried to keep a crowd away from the doors of the conference.

“You’re not famous, you’re irrelevant, you’re ugly,” Burns told the guard. “I’m attractive as f**k, I make a lot of money.”

When the security guard did not respond to the taunts, instead asking Burns to back up, the Instagram model ramped up his threats.

“You deserve to die,” Burns said. “Like, crucified.”

“You’re ugly as f**k and irrelevant. Kill yourself,” he added.

The security guard only laughed at Christian Burns in response, which seemed to anger the Instagram model even more.

The entire exchange between Christian Burns and the security guards was captured by another person attending the VidCon conference, and can be seen below.

The video went viral pretty quickly, earning Christian Burns some likely very unwanted attention. Many angry people flooded his Instagram page, with many of them leaving angry comments.

“Those security guards are my heroes,” one person wrote.

It’s not clear what fame Christian Burns might have beyond his relatively small Instagram following. His page is filled mostly with posed shots, showing the teen staring intently at the camera.

Even his own page seems to highlight his low-level status. In his Instagram profile, Burns links to his own listing on the site Famous Birthdays, which pegs him as the No. 70,834 most popular celebrity on the site.

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Too late now to say sorry? ????????

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Others took to Twitter after the viral video of Christian Burns, calling on VidCon co-founders Hank and John Green to have Burns thrown out of the conference. It was also not clear what role Burns may play at the conference or if he is simply attending like the close to 25,000 others expected to show up.

Whatever the case, Christian Burns seems to have plenty of attention now that his video berating the security guards has gone viral. For his part, the Instagram model has not responded publicly to the incident.

[Featured Image by Christian Burns/Instagram]