The cast of Southern Charm Savannah have several secrets

What Really Happened On ‘Southern Charm Savannah’ That Caused The Police To Be Called

Southern Charm Savannah is creating a lot of questions for viewers who are wondering on social media if there are things that they don’t know about the relationships between the cast members, most of whom have known each other since childhood. On the original Southern Charm, most of the cast had just gotten to know each other, so there wasn’t much history, but with the Savannah group, there seems to be a lot of secrets, plus things that many of the cast members are hiding, from each other and especially from viewers. Some of these things are slowly revealed, like Ashley’s gig with Delta Airlines, while others are revealed after the truth serum of alcohol takes hold, like Hannah’s father’s confession that he never loved her mother. Other things are also only unveiled when the press finds a police report.

Before the debut of Southern Charm Savannah, which has given fans an abbreviated taste of the Georgia city (the season has fewer episodes than Season 4 of the original Southern Charm) with the hope that ratings will cause Bravo to bring it back for Season 2, Kathryn Dennis, the star of the original Southern Charm, gave fans a tip in advance on who they should watch on the new Southern Charm Savannah, and she was right. Kathryn explained that she had met Ashley and Nelson in advance, and found both of them very interesting and charming. She explained that fans should watch because she was convinced that Ashley would be painted as the “bad girl” or the “Kathryn” of Southern Charm Savannah.

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One of the best wrap-ups each week of both Southern Charm and Southern Charm Savannah is done by Liz Farrell for the Island Packet (Shep Rose’s hometown paper from Hilton Head Island) for her eagle-eyed observations and her cheeky comments. And the recap of last week’s Southern Charm Savannah spoke volumes about what many viewers were thinking as we watched, which was the idea that it is one thing to be a fly on the wall, but it’s another when you realize that some things are not for television and just slip out unplanned. This week, the primary victims were Hannah and Daniel, who both have the sympathies of many people who tuned in.

Hannah invited all of her pals down to what used to be her family’s St. Simon’s Island vacation home to celebrate the Georgia/Florida game, as it was to be the first time that her dad and her boyfriend Louis were going to throw and host a fete together. Poor Hannah got more than she bargained for on so many levels, but none were worse than her dad’s confession after too many Fireball shots. Twice Mr. Hannah’s dad told Louis that he never loved her mother and that he knew on his wedding day that he had made a mistake, which is why they ended up divorced, and why he is now married to a woman very close in age to Hannah herself.

Then there is Daniel, whose father seemed tone-deaf to the concessions that Daniel made in order to save the family business when his father Benjamin went to prison. Daniel was incredibly sincere, explaining that he wonders what would have happened if he had stayed in Colorado instead of coming home to run the family law firm, but his father’s response made it seem like Daniel was speaking the language of Charlie Brown’s teacher based on the lack of empathy and compassion given to him.

But something that was just gossiped about on the episode of Southern Charm Savannah, but never really explained, was what happened to Ashley’s hand, and if there was truth to the rumor that a window was broken and the police were called on Ashley’s street. Well, fans might never know, but Liz managed to track down the Savannah police report.


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At the party thrown by Hannah’s dad and Louis, Ashley was asked what happened to her hand, to which she replied “it’s a long story,” but viewers didn’t really get to hear the story. But the police report or vandalism report relays the story told to the Savannah police officer (read here).

A neighbor called the police when he claimed that Ashley broke the window next to the front door to his home. He claimed that ever since he yelled at her for driving on their street, the two had bad blood. She claims that the man in question had called her names, including “trash,” because she is a renter and not a homeowner on a street that is filled with majority homeowners. Ashley said that when the man called her a name in front of her son, she went to his home and banged on the window too hard, and it broke. Ashley explained to the officer that she intended to pay to fix the window, and no arrests were made.

What really happened? Fans of Southern Charm Savannah will probably never know, but the police report sheds a bit of light on the subject.

Do you think there are many things on Southern Charm Savannah that are never really explained?

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