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Jail Nurse Charged With Performing Oral Sex On Prisoner

Beth A. Ours

Syracuse, NY – A jail nurse has been charged with performing oral sex on a prisoner, according to The Huffington Post.

Not only does Beth A. Ours stand accused of performing the sex act on the unidentified prisoner, she allegedly smoked crack with the man as well. If she’s found guilty of the charges, the nurse could land behind bars for up to four years.

According to The Post-Standard, the relationship between Ours and the inmate started out as friendly gestures and smiles. Before long the nurse was allegedly rubbing the prisoner’s body and requesting kisses.

Once their relationship grew into something a bit more intimate, the jail nurse reportedly performed regular sex acts on the inmate until he was released from prison.

The man claims his relationship with the nurse continued once he was a free man. Ours gave the prisoner her phone number and encouraged him to stop by from time-to-time. The man claims he paid her a visit on more than one occasion. He also alleges they smoked crack “a few times” at her house.

“For some reason Beth was very comfortable with our relationship and did not seem to care if other people knew and this is why she was telling people about us,” the inmate said.

The JD Journal explains that, since the inmate is essentially incapable of consenting to sex with a prison employee, the nurse could face up to four years in prison for her actions.

Records indicate that Ours is an employee of Correctional Medical Care Inc., which provides services to Hillbrook juvenile detention facility, the Onondaga County Correctional Facility, and the Justice Center in Pennsylvania.

Beth A. Ours and her employer have refused to comment on the situation. She is reportedly due back in court this week.

Do you think the jail nurse should face time in prison for performing oral sex on a prisoner in her care?

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12 Responses to “Jail Nurse Charged With Performing Oral Sex On Prisoner”

  1. Wayne Beigel

    Equal treatment for all prisoners. If she does that for one, she has to do for all!

  2. R.c. Turnbow

    Hey, what about all the involuntary sodomy in prison? I'd assume that would be a bigger topic than a nurse blowing a crack head.

  3. Anonymous

    It is simply nursing, and perhaps nothing.Sounds like the nurse who could not believe an African could be smarter than her and had the student dismissed with a tuition refund"You should be teaching in a University and not studying," she claimed." Another strange nurse -related fog.-still in Syracuse, NY where the best place to feel at home is either a restaurant or a bar if you are new to the area.

  4. Tony Rodriguez

    Easy to pick her out of a line up…..she's the one with KNOTS on her forehead…..

  5. Shaylon Coles

    I have worked in the system here in Ca and have seen this happen on more than one occassion. Sex is very powerful…she may not have any intension of sleeping with an inmate, but if two people are together in close situations they begin to communicate. If something starts going wrong at home she may begin to talk with that inmate. Over time a trust (false) builds and our human hormones take control. Throw in some crack and its all over but the sucky sucky now.

  6. Adele Vaverchak

    If it was consentual, what's the problem? He wasn't ripping his penis out of her mouth & yelling NO, NO as he was running away! Maybe an erection is a medical condition remedied by a blow job from a nurse. Maybe if there was more nurses like her, there would be less violence in prison. Inmates would all walk around with smiles on their faces. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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