Ryback Reveals Match With Triple H That Didnt Happen

Ryback Reveals Canceled Plans For Huge Rivalry With HHH

Now that all the smoke has cleared and the WWE Universe is through chanting “Feed Me More,” fans can take an objective look at everything Ryback accomplished during his WWE career. His exit from WWE was the result of a disagreement about his value to the company. “The Big Guy” has done well for himself on the indies, but he has also vented a lot of his frustration on his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy.

Ryback has told stories and revealed a lot of backstage issues he had behind the scenes during his time with the company. For instance, he pitched a big angle that would have led to a match at WrestleMania between himself and Brock Lesnar. More recently, “The Big Guy” revealed that Triple H once spoke to him about an angle between them before it was canceled.

Ryback had the following to say about working with The Game.

“It was nothing. And even he (Triple H) came up, ‘the plan was never for us to work, just so you know.’ And I go, ‘oh, okay. I don’t know.’ I’m not in the creative meetings. I don’t know why. I just do what I’m told.

He would always explain things weirdly, but, yeah, that never happened. It would’ve been nice, so he could f**king know that I could wrestle.”

Ryback vs Triple H Would Have Been An Interesting Match
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Apparently, Ryback was originally one of the performers under Triple H’s wing. He was considered a Triple H guy, which is a testament to both men because he was one of the hottest wrestlers in the industry back in 2012. However, it’s interesting that WWE officials teased a rivalry between The Big Guy and The Game, but nothing came of it. That may be another example of Ryback and WWE officials not being on the same page.

Ryback Has Been Letting It All Hang Out On His Podcast
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There is no question that Ryback could have been involved with some bigger feuds on WWE programming. A lot of people didn’t see him as a top guy for the company because he was seen as a one-dimensional wrestler for much of his run. In 2013, his heel turn may have shown his flaws as a performer and set off the chain of events that got us to the present day. However, credit must be given to him for everything he accomplished.

In the future, Ryback may be able to make a return to WWE if the two parties can eventually reach an understanding. However, if the clock has struck midnight on his WWE career, matches like Ryback vs. Triple H will go down in the minds of WWE fans as dream matches that could have been.

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