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Romney Approval Rating Now At 47%

mitt romney

Mitt Romney just can’t shake the 47%. The former presidential candidate’s infamous comment plagued him throughout the election, and, now, in an ironic twist, Romney’s approval rating stands at 47%.

A new poll conducted by Politico and George Washington University found that 47% of likely voters viewed Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan favorably. It’s unclear why Politico is still asking the question. The information isn’t really useful anymore, but at least the poll got some humorous results.

In other, less funny poll results, Politico found that only 36% of likely voters knew who Marco Rubio was, and 34% said that they disapproved of House Speaker John Boehner. Jeb Bush, whose name has been thrown around for the 2016 ticket, was viewed unfavorably by 34% of likely voters.

Romney’s 47% comment was a major turning point in the election. For many people, the comment, which was made behind closed doors to a group of potential donors, solidified the image that Romney was part of the 1% and was out of touch with middle America.

Yale University recently named the comment its Quote Of The Year, saying that it “may have effected the outcome of the election.”

The comment plagued Romney during the 2012 election and has haunted him ever since. Not only is Romney’s approval rating at 47% and not only has the comment been named the quote of the year, but Romney also gathered 47% of the popular vote during the election.

Do you think the number 47 is cursed? Will Romney be haunted by the number for the rest of his life?

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41 Responses to “Romney Approval Rating Now At 47%”

  1. Taylor Weaver

    The 47% statement was always true. America is just a bunch of brainwashed fucks who don't know that history repeats itself because there were no "bigger and better and newer' ideas. Ashamed.

  2. Stan Toohey

    Hope that does not mean that this criminal that can buy his way out of election fraud and other felonies is going to be pushed down our throaths for another four years. The bankers must realy need this guy.

  3. Anonymous

    Seems Romney is getting more attention and coverage than he did when he was actually running for Prez. Now that it doesn't matter, the media can't seem to let him go….

  4. Roger Hale

    Americans have become such a bunch of children that they need the government to take care of them and can not deal with the truth when they hear it.

  5. Anonymous

    One would think Yale would know the proper use of the word "effected" compared to "affected"….lol~.

  6. John Henry Griffith

    this is obviously some left wing socolist made up bull shit. why would thetre even be a poll concering a apporval of a private citizen? apporval of what? him a human being? assholes

  7. Neal Thomas

    I agree with Mitt- The 47% should help us solve our debt crisis. OUR DEBT Crisis. Why wouldn't they. It is never wrong to twll the truth. And Mitt did.
    Neal Thomas

  8. David Meller

    Any difficulties that Mitt Romney and his foul neocon GOP supporters are having with their fellow Republicans is deserved and overdue! He (and they) helped to steal the nomination from Ron Paul, the one Republican who could not only moblize most of the GOP conservative base, but also bite deeply into the constituencies who supported Obama heavily in 2008–the college youth vote, the antiwar and civil liberties vote, and even those Blacks and Hispanics who were becoming fed up with the Democrats' welfare plantation and who saw a REAL free market offered by Ron Paul and his supporters offering themselves and their children far more opportunity than offered by sixty years of Federal Prisons, food stamps, and the 'publik skoolz" and their teacher's unions!

    Mitt Romney vs. Barak Obama–what an OBSCENE choice!

  9. Rob Jarrett

    The only thing in this article that is somewhat scary is having the name Bush tossed around for the next election. This country doesn't need another Bush in office.

  10. Felicia Jarmon

    Well, he got the bighead and started talking about sequential people and found out he wasn't one either. Stop all the 47 talk because you get some of it yourself either Social Security, Student Aid, Fema, Food Stamps you get something unless your name is Romney born with the silver spoon passed on by his ancestors.

  11. Luis Lugo

    Felicia, he was born with a silver spoon but he has worked for what he has. Not like others , they just like to live of others and won't work to improve their lives.

  12. Zendegi Merchant


  13. Kevin Derrico

    Uh, who cares? The election was over last month and he lost. Why is this even news?

  14. Jordan Mykal Cross

    Mary is an ignorant cunt. Who cares what the fuck Romney's approval rating is? He's NOT PRESIDENT. That is ALL i care about. Not a day goes by that i am not thankful i never have to utter the words, President Romney.

  15. Jordan Mykal Cross

    Hey Alex, that's pretty funny . LOL You seem to be pretty stupid. You think that the "majority" agrees with Romeny, yet the MAJORITY put Obama in office. Me thinks you should probably go back to school, and do some more Mathematics…..your slightly off there.

  16. Charles Bowles

    Felicia, yes he was born with the silver spoon and parental inheritance, sort of like Romney running the 100 yard dash against Bolt, with the referee's placing Romney only 25yards from the finish, while Bolt has to run the whole 100, huh.

  17. Charles Bowles

    The media like to expose Romney's arrogance regardingthe 47%, and if he is thinking about bank rolling another try, along with the Koch Brothers in 2016, theyr'e saying 'no way" to Mr. 47%.

  18. Charles Bowles

    Mary Wider, poll was taken at various white trailer parks in the south and various big cities out west.

  19. Charles Bowles

    Mary, what is a real american? Are you thinking about a particularcolor, just asking?

  20. Charles Bowles

    Zendegi, I will peronally never regret my support forthe POTUS, just saying.

  21. Mark Evans

    I am the 47%er of the 53%er. Romney would have stopped the madness. Even the freeloaders will get less when it's all gone. You can't give a hand out if there's nothing there. So for all you Romney haters. Get a job, get a life and shut the duck up.

  22. Lyle Lafee

    America has come depended on the government, 80% of college students want job's handed to them, blue collar wants big bucks and do nothing.They are afraid to question the leader today for they believe every thing they say I would say america as a hole is shallow.

  23. Quinn Korzeniecki

    hey Jordan, everyone can have their own views. you don't have to agree with them, but before you call someone stupid, you should probably make sure you've written a response without sloppy errors, thanks. :)

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