Mobb Deep on MTV 2 in 2006

Havoc, The Other Half Of Mobb Deep, Admits He Originally Thought Prodigy’s Death Was A Joke

Prodigy, one-half of Mobb Deep, recently died after a lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia. However, his performing partner, Havoc confessed that he thought that the announcement of his death was a sick rumor and moved on after he heard it in the media. Originally, he even laughed it off.

Havoc admits that he thought his Mobb Deep partner was in and out of the hospital rather frequently, so he didn’t think anything was different about the most recent admission. He said he knew Prodigy was “crazy sick,” but was checking on Prodigy several times per day while he was is the Las Vegas hospital.

However, he realized it had actually happened once the Mobb Deep road manager called him to break the horrific news. When he received the call, Havoc was driving home from his son’s kindergarten graduation and says he was so shocked he almost crashed the car on the freeway.

He also said that his road manager was sobbing over the death of their dear friend, something he had never heard before.

Havoc stated that he is so traumatized by what happened that he finds it too difficult to listen to any of the music by Prodigy or the music they shared together as Mobb Deep.

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The pair have known one another for over 28 years, and during the time together, Havoc watched his friend battle with the sickle cell anaemia he suffered since birth. And while it did slow Prodigy down sometimes when it came to performing, the pair were still wildly successful as Mobb Deep and have amassed a fortune of over $10 million.

The pair have been together since 1993 when they went by Poetical Prophets. Their first single was entitled “Peer Pressure” from the album “Juvenile Hall.”

Mobb Deep had a falling out in 2012 one year after Prodigy’s release from jail for carrying a loaded weapon. The feud began when Havoc slammed Prodigy on Twitter and then released audio of Prodigy taking shots at Havoc during the SXSW festival.

The duo eventually made up and decided to put their differences aside. In March of 2013, they had reconciled and started making music again.

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