Woman killer stabbed 15 people

‘Bride Of Chucky’ Female Killer Murdered 15 People For Sexual Pleasure

A Russian court has convicted a brutal gang of killers, including a female who confessed that she derived sexual thrills from killing 15 people.

Elena Lobacheva and four other men murdered 15 homeless people in a killing spree between July 2014 and February 2015. According to the Daily Mail, the killers saw themselves as crusaders who were getting rid of the human filth in Moscow. The 26-year-old woman admitted to investigators that her killings were inspired by a supernatural horror movie, Bride of Chucky.

The Bride of Chucky was the fourth installment in the 90s popular American franchise, Child’s Play, about a doll possessed by a serial killer. Lobacheva, who with her male accomplices, stabbed one of their victims 171 times and always committed the murders between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Apart from Elena, the other killers were Vladislav Karatayev, 22, Artur Nartsissov, 24, Maksim Pavlov, 21, and Pavel Voitov, 22.

The murderous gang met in an online forum where they discussed their fascination with the serial killer Alexander Pichushkin. Pichushkin was dubbed the Chessboard Killer because he planned to murder a person for every 64 squares on a board. The supermarket worker murdered 49 people before he was caught.

Pichushkin loved to befriend his victims. He was an avid animal lover and would take his victims to the grave of his dead dog before pummeling them to death with a hammer. The sadistic killer was arrested when his last victim left a note for her son, naming him as her date for the night. Elena and her group from then on decided to emulate Pichushkin and became obsessed with bettering his record of 49 kills.

The devilish group emulated Pichushkin by striking their own victims on their heads with hammers before stabbing them repeatedly with knives. All their victims carried multiple stab wounds; the victim with the least knife wounds was stabbed 35 times. The gang never stole from their victims. The leader of the group, Pavel Voitov, revealed that he only killed people he considered “biological waste.”

The gang was finally caught after attacking a 45-year-old man who managed to escape from their clutches. The man, a street cleaner, was on his way home when he was viciously attacked by Elena and two other men. He suffered deep cuts and lost a lot of blood, but managed to escape his attackers and tell his son about the attempted murder. The man would later describe his would-be killers to the police and they were arrested.

When police searched Elena Lobacheva’s flat, they found five knives and photos of all her victims with their stomachs cut open on a computer. The incriminating pictures were hidden in folders with misleading titles like “Need this” and “Tenderness.” They also contained hundreds of videos and pictures of executions and torture.

The 26-year-old woman also kept a chilling notebook where she justified the murders and counted it as pure bliss to find people who loved taking lives as well.

Russian female serial killer murdered 15 people
Mother believes daughter’s only vice was keeping a dirty flat. [Image by Yuri Arcurs/iStock]

“Everything happens for the first time, like first love, first kiss, first sex, first kill…I am not killing. I am cleaning up the world. Every moment of the day you can pick up a knife, go out and make the world better…love is finding the one and only who will go killing with you.”

Elena’s neighbors described the 26-year-old as “polite and nice.” Her mother refuses to believe that her daughter is a cold-blooded murderer, arguing that her only vice was keeping the flat that she shared with a pet rabbit untidy.

“She’s messy but she is a good person. She’s supportive. She didn’t kill. There is no anger in her eyes.”

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