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‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For June 22: Lizzy Drama Heats Up As Maya Is Stunned By Nicole’s Decision

This has already been one extreme and intense week on The Bold and the Beautiful, but it is only halfway over and more drama awaits. Along with everything taking place with shootings and people going to prison, there are also issues such as those Maya has been dealing with and it all boils down to Lizzy. It is time to look at those spoilers and more for the June 22, 2018, episode of The Bold and the Beautiful airing on Thursday.

Please note that there are possible spoilers ahead for the episode of The Bold and the Beautiful which will air on Thursday, June 22, 2018. If you don’t want to know, then stop reading now.

According to Christian Post, the drama is going to get even more explosive on Thursday as Maya could be in very deep trouble. Not only could she have to deal with a lot of legal troubles, but there is also the possibility that she could have her daughter Lizzie taken away from her.

Rick is preparing to tell Maya that a paperwork issue — yes, a paperwork issue — could lead to her not being Lizzy’s legal guardian. After a bit of a freak out, he tries to let her know that signing some new forms will make it go away, but it’s never that simple.

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers june 15 quinn eric sheila ridge maya nicole
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At this point, Nicole may no longer want to transfer guardianship of Lizzy to Maya since she has found out that she’s no longer able to conceive. A little bit of time spent with the sweet little girl may end up making her want to change her mind.

This take-back idea by Nicole is not going to sit well with Maya and could cause a chain reaction that causes problems throughout the Avant family as a whole.

Look for a rift in the family as Julius sides strongly with Nicole since he knows that she cannot conceive a child of her own. He’s going to do anything and everything in his power to have the transfer of guardianship squashed and have Maya out of the situation.

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers june 15 quinn eric sheila ridge maya nicole
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She Knows reports that there will be more to this whole drama as Nicole and Zende will have issues since Zende doesn’t believe she should take custody of Lizzie. Expect this confrontation to become extremely intense and get out of hand as Zenda still believes there is a chance he and Nicole can have a baby of their own.

The Bold and the Beautiful may sometimes try to make it seem like things can be worked out in a simple manner, but if that was the case, it wouldn’t be much of a soap opera. The guardianship battle over Lizzy has taken some strange new turns and if the spoilers are any indication, Nicole and Maya may battle it out even more due to some paperwork.

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