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England Wants To Legalize Marijuana Through Cannabis Drug Reform

England Wants To Legalize Marijuana Through Drug Reform

England wants to legalize marijuana through drug reform. According to the Guardian, an influential cross-party group of MPs has concluded that, after a year scrutinizing UK drugs policy, it is clear to us that many aspects of it are simply not working. They urge David Cameron to immediately set up a royal commission to consider all the alternatives to Britain’s failing drug laws, including pot decriminalization and legalization, and be required to report by 2015.

Pressure to tackle the subject comes from big names like Virgin founder Richard Branson and comedian Russell Brand, who considers drug use “more of [a] health matter than a criminal or judicial matter.” They call for a less punitive approach to cannabis and ecstasy. They also believe that Home Office and health ministers should examine the long term results of marijuana being legal in other nations like Portugal and Columbia but also want to look at the recent changes to United States law.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, both Colorado and Washington State recently decided to partially legalize marijuana. This decision resulted in parties in both states, with the most famous taking place underneath the Space Needle tower in Seattle. Unfortunately, the laws are a little bit fragmented now as one homeowner found out after defending himself against burglars when police found pots of marijuana plants growing in his attic. Despite the states making these changes, the Federal government is threatening legal action over recreational marijuana.

Unfortunately for any English wishing for legal pot, British government sources so far have been dismissive of the move to form a royal commission.

“Our current laws draw on the best available evidence and as such we have no intention of downgrading or declassifying cannabis,” said one government source. “A royal commission on drugs is simply not necessary. Our cross-government approach is working … We will respond more fully to the report in due course.”

Martin Barnes of Drugscope, the leading independent information center on drugs, said that the debate had been too often clouded by polarized positions, partial evidence, and anecdote.

“This is a situation that has not been helped when policy-makers and politicians are fearful of being accused of being ‘soft’ on drugs or their views and intentions distorted,” said Barnes. “A royal commission, with a clear timetable, would help break this impasse – but it will require robust terms of reference and a credible membership. There is already a substantial body of argument and evidence on reforming drug policy – including the recent report by the UK Drug Policy Commission – so any commission will need authority and momentum behind it to achieve change.”

Do you think that England should reform its drug enforcement laws and legalize, or least reduce the penalties for, the usage of marijuana and ecstasy?

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30 Responses to “England Wants To Legalize Marijuana Through Cannabis Drug Reform”

  1. Dale Kinder

    They should legalize. It could get this country out of recession. Imagine the money income from tax, tourism, and how many jobs it would make from people farming grows, trimming and working in dispensaries. It would turn our country right around.

  2. Clifford Schaffer

    This isn't a tough question. If they have a commission, it will have the same findings as every major commission on drugs from around the world over the last 100 years. You can read the full text of all of them at under Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy. The short version of their findings is that the marijuana laws were based on ignorance and nonsense from the very beginning and that the laws do more harm than good, no matter what you assume about the dangers of marijuana.

  3. Tony Meta

    I think they should legalize cannabis because its not even a hard drug and besides imagen how much money would be coming in with that money they could build new houses and much much more!

  4. Jeff Plitt

    Drugs you can overdose and die on…heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, Vicoden, Oxycontin, codeine, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, asprin… Withdrawal from most cause headache, disorientation, hallucination, vomiting, sweating, uncontrollable tremor, heart attack, stroke, coma…

    Drugs you cannot overdose and die on…cannabis. Overdose on cannabis amounts to getting sleepy. Withdrawal amounts to being a bit grumpy for a day.

    Cannabis had over 1200 medical uses before the good ole US of A had some businessmen who didn't like the competition of hemp for their tree products, textiles and petroleum. Thanks to their political connections they got what they wanted, the medical industry and hemp farmers didn't know what hit them since they didn't know what "marihuana", some made up Mexican sounding name, was in the first place.

    Now the rest of the world suffers from the same Reefer Madness lies because President Nixon convinced the world it was bad and started the war on drugs, apparently not learning anything from alcohol prohibition of the early 20th century. The War on Drugs created the cartel and gang monsters, not the drugs themselves.The Netherlands and Portugal woke up, the US is waking up, now it's up to the rest of ya'll to make the change in your own countries. Politicians created the problem, make them fix it.

  5. Chris Young

    yes they should decriminalize it people shudnt be labelled criminals for doing something where they arnt harming anyone else or themselves for that matter. get professor nut back on the job he knows what hes talking about.

  6. Rodney Michael Harvey

    Yes please, I have multiple sclerosis, I cant live somewhere where my medicine is illegal, they should tax cannabis and control it and allow people to grow for personal use, we should come out of the stone age and realise cigarette and alcohol is more dangerous than weed, it would be good for our economy and we would smoke safe and nice stuff instead of sprayed shit with god knows what….police waste way too much time and money on this bullshit law 5 years in jail for smoking cannabis? This is not fucking thailand mate

  7. Rodney Michael Harvey

    David cameron will never allow this to happen, he's depriving me of my medicine, I dont want sativex spray, its shit, its not real, unless someone convinces him, someone very powerful, the devil maybe, he will never allow, dont hope nothing from stone age Thailand country wannabe, bout the way, how can you legalize gay marriage and cant legalize cannabis??? That's fucking gay man, I never expected this from this country

  8. Colin Milliken

    Legalise their is noting rong with it I have smoke it for 7 years ni And I don't get no side aficks I'm 18 ni I wood much like going to some a hint

  9. Marcus Smith

    Just legalize it.. but control the level of THC. The only reason it's a problem is because people try to grow it quickly to earn there money & anyone of any age can buy it with it being illegal.. I and others have been smoking it and we disagree as well as many people that it is a pathway drug.. that's just peoples choice maybe because there being irresponsible with the weed, smoking too much too often and there toleration's gone up.. it wouldn't be as bad if it was controlled and grown safely.. just usually there is no balance just a lot of THC. No one can complain about cancer or what ever in the slightest because tobacco is Legal so smoke.. you have a much higher chance of getting it with that.. just do what Amsterdam does and have a set amount of what people can buy, have them check if they have any weed before buying.. least than no one is getting too much over a safe amount……… if it was meth, crack or shrooms I'd understand the no, but weed is harmless with the right amount. Plus it would sort out tax, after all that is the main reason it got banned in the 1960's.. because there wasn't enough tax getting in, even if I had to pay more for weed because it was legal and there was tax on it.. it would stop kids from being able to buy it and there would be a safe amount.. not everyone would try to 'take the piss' with it, some of us aren't bad people, we just prefare to smoke weed/get high rather than get drunk because you don't feel ill and your actually in control of what your doing.. In Amsterdam or Holland do you see people getting 'too high' or 'causing trouble'? Have they 'legalized cocaine, meth or even heroin?' no.. because they are still aware that these are bad.. people over there smoke less than us any how! So why does Morinic David Cameron think different considering HES THE ONE WHO KEEPS MAKING CUTS AND IS BASICALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING UP AND MAKING PEOPLE LOOSE THERE JOBS? YEAH CAUSE I'D TRUST THAT LIER! -.- I rest my case. Please do not take his word for this because he just talks out of his arse making false promises & no one likes him anyway.. oh yeh & my final point.. is I’ve tried the ‘legal highs/weed’… it sent me in a panic would never smoke it again.. its so much worse! Look at M Kat million times worse than weed yet that was ilegalized only two years ago.. you need to get your priorities straight because it is a fact alcohol and smoking cigarettes cause FAR MORE deaths than cannabis does.. infact you don’t even hear of anyone dying off cannabis.

  10. Callum Goodall

    I totally agree with the legalization of marijuana. I mean come on people wake up, all I ever hear about is people complaining of the mental issues it can cause etc. Now I know people who have smoked for years and have seen no deterioration in their mental state. Now any can argue against this of course yet I can argue that I have seen more issues follow from drinking for example: Drink driving, domestic violence, mental health issues, addiction and dependency, public disorder and so many more.

    Now the government will never address the issues with drinking as for the millions it makes them in tax which by all means is fair enough. Not all people do these things when drunk a lot generally just have a good time. On that point though why could this not be exactly the same for marijuana. the government can not at all call drinking contained from the booms in arrests and A&E visits over a weekend which over all end up spending a huge chunk of tax payers money.

    How many times do you hear in the news someone being injured or hurt by someone who was "high", yet the amount of stories you hear of people being injured or even in some cases killed by people who are drunk is ridiculous. The real question is why is marijuana illegal? Because your government say its bad for you… what isn't bad for you? smoking tobacco is more likely to kill you before marijuana as is drinking alcohol yet these activities are still legal?

    As said in the previous comment the government need to come to terms with how this could help the recession it would create jobs to help with our unemployment and also create a huge boom in tourism also they could make a huge chunk in tax. It would create a world of opportunities for the UK public. Look at the US in some states they are now changing the law so you can have marijuana for recreational use not to mention the fact that it is being used for medicinal purposes. I mean these are medical professionals prescribing people this "drug". Now in all honestly when have you ever heard a doctor say "Hey why don't you take up smoking tobacco it will help you sleep…" or "Here have some of this whisky it will help you with your anger issues". Not to think of all the issues they cause to your lungs, kidneys, liver and brain upon other parts of the body.

    Now doesn't the fact that they can actually say that marijuana has its medicinal purposes further proves that it should not be looked at as some horrible drug that ruins peoples lives and more of a practical industry that could help on a number of factors with the recent recession issues we are facing. I just don't believe and never will that marijuana should be illegal when there are far more worse things on the market that are totally legal. the government needs to wake up and face this issue taking into account the fact that the legalization of marijuana in the UK will cause far more benefits that concerns.

  11. Marcus Bradshaw

    I dont see why they dont just pass it for legalisation it will lower crime rates and hopefully calm harder drug use and make the country alot of money on tax its a win win situation on both parties the people dont get penalized for smoking something tht has been proven to cause less damage to you than alcohol and they make more money and in term will lower the amount of people that deal illegally and cost the british economy millions each year look at the facts it makes perfect sence to legalize cannabis in the uk.

  12. Perry Cooke

    I don't understand why it's illegal at all. I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't want marijuana legalized, and the government is ment to represent its people!

  13. Jonathan B Brooke Lyons

    Decriminalization isn't enough, it needs to be legalized.

  14. Jonathan B Brooke Lyons

    It was the same with LSD & MDMA. You can't OD, they are non-addictive & contrary to popular belief, LSD doesn't make you think you can fly, one remains in complete control of logical thought.

  15. Josh Smith

    Jesus Christ YES! We have been pointing our this drug war totally failed a long time ago! The longer you continue it the longer you spend damaging the little face you have left in UK politics. As for talking rubbish about decisions made on available evidence is total rubbish as cannabis legality was based on science and evidence it would be a crime for the government to withhold it. They can spout all the lies they want the people have either woken up or are doing so.

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