Big Brother Season 19 house tour given by Julie Chen

‘Big Brother 19’ House Tour: Julie Chen Shows Off The Temptation-Themed ‘BB19’ House [Video]

It’s official: Big Brother 19 is all about temptation. In a new video posted by CBS, longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen gave a tour of the highly-anticipated BB19 house one week before the CBS summertime show makes its debut.

A far cry from last season’s sleek “travel” theme, the newest Big Brother house looks like a Vegas high-roller’s suite with gaudy gold accents and loud pillowcase prints. One money-themed bedroom room has prints of champagne bottles and money on the bedding. Chen said the dark, masculine room reminds her of the type of room Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street would have.

In addition to the power-themed bedroom with $6400 worth of framed fake money on the walls, there’s an official showmance room with three double beds for lots of cuddling—and scheming! There’s also a tree with forbidden fruit—and you just know at least one of the 16 Big Brother houseguests will bite those apples.

Of course, the biggest and best room is reserved for the Head of Household. This season’s HOH bedroom is filled with gold. The decadent room is suitable for the most powerful person in the Big Brother house, complete with a wall of safety deposit boxes.

Speaking of gold, even the dining room table has gold flatware this year, which will be perfect for all of that Big Brother slop the cast members will eat all summer.

In a new decorating twist, this season’s shared bathroom boasts 18 regal Venetian mirrors and a couch, which means it, will be a great hangout room. Another hangout place is the lounge, which features a supersized couch and a wall of green apples in case anyone gets hungry while making secret deals.

The Big Brother backyard features the usual amenities, including a pool, Jacuzzi, pool table, hammock and that all-important outdoor gym.

You can see Julie Chen’s complete tour of the Big Brother Season 19 house in the video below.

Julie Chen has been giving tours of the Big Brother house for years, and it’s always a highlight for superfans of the CBS summertime reality show. In addition to last season’s summer vacation/travel theme, past BB house themes that have included an “urban tree house” and an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Big Brother kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, June 28 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File]