americas got talent host tyra banks used her golden buzzer

‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Tyra Banks Uses Her Golden Buzzer

America’s Got Talent host Tyra Banks used her Golden Buzzer on Tuesday night’s episode, and the Inquisitr will say no more until the next paragraph. After all, sometimes search engines show the first sentence of an article, and no one wants spoilers unless they’re specifically looking for them.

Now, with all of those disclaimers out of the way, on to the heart of the story. On Tuesday night’s (June 20, 2017) episode of AGT, fans were introduced to a new element of the show. Last season, the Golden Buzzer was introduced, allowing hosts Howie, Simon, Mel B, and Heidi to send a contestant directly to the live rounds of the competition. Each host was given one Golden Buzzer to use for the entirety of the audition process, so they obviously had to save them for exceptionally talented acts.

However, only the four judges were allowed to use Golden Buzzers. The host (at the time, Nick Cannon), didn’t have a say. But this season, AGT producers tweaked the system slightly, allowing the host — now Tyra Banks — to use a Golden Buzzer as well.

And on Tuesday’s episode, she chose to use it on Light Balance, a group of dancers from Ukraine.

Light Balance is not the first glow-in-the-dark dance act to compete on AGT, of course. Defying Gravity and Team iLuminate, among others, have done similar acts in previous seasons. But something about Light Balance’s performance struck a chord with Tyra, according to WCMH-TV (Columbus).

“I’m amazed by you guys. You guys, wasn’t that incredible, like, crazy good? Like blew my mind good?”

She then ran off the stage and slammed the Golden Buzzer.

Meanwhile, the dancers themselves are hoping that their Golden Buzzer moment will lead to bigger and better things for them. In a recorded segment (what the TV industry calls a “package”) that aired before the performance, one of the dancers explained that the group hopes to be able to someday bring their families to America, away from their war-torn homeland.

“If we win the show, we will have an opportunity to change the lives of our families and bring them to America.”

So far, according to People, four of this season’s five available Golden Buzzers have been used. Howie Golden Buzzed 16-year-old singer Christian Guardino last week, Mel B used hers on 12-year-old Oklahoma ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, and Simon used his on 29-year-old deaf singer Mandy Harvey.

Tune into America’s Got Talent next week to see how Heidi Klum uses her Golden Buzzer.

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