Bill Clinton campaigns for his wife Hillary in 2016.

Bill Clinton Refutes Trump’s Foreign Policy, Urges Globalism Must Continue

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump since he took office in January. Her husband and former President of the United States Bill Clinton, meanwhile, has remained relatively quiet about the Trump administration. However, Clinton has now taken the opportunity to launch his own attacks against the president.

According to CNN, Bill Clinton, who served as the 42nd president of the United States between 1993 and 2001, stressed the need for continued efforts of globalism, despite foreign policy stances taken by the Trump administration. Clinton said that despite the White House’s efforts to withdraw the United States from international obligations, non-government organizations must continue to push back and continue efforts of globalism, ensuring that the United States remains active on the international stage.

“The reality is we are condemned to share a future, whether we like it or not — we are stuck with one another, and so the job of every thinking person on the earth is to maximize the benefits and minimize the dangers,” Clinton said, speaking to international non-profit organizers and activists at the InterAction Forum in Washington Tuesday morning.

In his comments, Clinton referenced issues that every country around the world was facing, and issues, which he stressed, would need to be faced together. Clinton cited the growing pace of climate change, mass migration due to wars, and in particular, the Syrian refugee crisis. Clinton claimed that all of these issues provided a reason why countries around the world needed to work more closely together, including the United States, despite efforts by President Trump to withdraw the U.S. from many of its international commitments.

“We’re going to have to do this together,” he said.

According to CBS News, Clinton shied away from directly referencing the Paris climate accord by name – the international treaty which the United States signed up to under President Obama and from which President Trump withdrew the U.S. earlier this month. However, in his speech, Clinton spoke about climate change numerous times, stressing it as an international issue.

Similarly, Clinton appeared to take aim at the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that the United States’ decision to follow Russia in rewriting the rules of science and denying self-evident facts will mean that the country’s life expectancy will fall from around 80 to 60, in line with that in Russia.

The former president also urged the Trump administration not to make cuts to foreign aid spending, which could see the U.S. lose its position as the biggest contributor to humanitarian crisis aid.

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