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Maci Bookout Slammed On Twitter By Ryan Edwards’ Wife, Mackenzie Standifer

Ryan Edwards may have returned from a stint in rehab, partially thanks to his ex, Maci Bookout, for getting him help–but it doesn’t mean that he is grateful for her intervention. Previously, it was mentioned that he shaded Maci via Instagram, calling her s****y, presumably for airing his drug issues on Teen Mom OG. And now his wife has joined in on the pile on.

Mackenzie Standifer, who married Ryan in a quickie wedding last month before he went off to rehab, recently tweeted on the matter as well.

“You can only act like a piece of s**t for so long before it all comes out in the wash #NarcissistAwarenessMonth,” she wrote.

Maci Bookout has yet to respond to all of the shade she’s receiving on social media via her ex and his wife.

The young mother of three has been trying to help Ryan Edwards for some time now. In a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, which was seemingly filmed in April, Maci Bookout called drug counsellor for advice on how to confront Ryan on his substance abuse issue. It was advised that she tell Ryan that he might not be able to see his son, Bentley, 8, if he continues to use.

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While all of the these disses seem like they could be circumstantial, Ryan Edwards also posted a meme with Martin Luther King, jr., saying he has a dream that his baby mama will one day stop acting “like a psycho.”

Although Maci Bookout hasn’t responded to the slams and disses, her mother, Sharon has made a statement which seems to involve Ryan Edwards.

“Watch out for the snakes in your life. They feed on your kindness and mercy. But, they will strike at the first opportunity. Once someone shows you who they are and where they stand, believe them. There is no need to continually offer your helping hand only to be bitten and hurt. Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t help everyone.”

It is unclear why Maci Bookout chose now to intervene in Ryan’s drug issues, or why she decided to air them on Teen Mom OG. According to Ryan Edwards’ ex, Dalis Connell, he has been addicted to prescription drugs from quite some time now and began abusing them around 2012. Dalis also stated that he has previously been in rehab, but relapsed after just one week out.

Ryan Edwards’ family also shaded Davis for coming forward and telling her side of the story and her experiences with Ryan’s drug problem.

His parents, Jen and Larry, have also yet to make a statement about what is really going on, though they did tell The Dirty that they had a story and would be telling it soon enough.

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