Joy-Anna Duggar Shares The Long List Of Chores That She Does On 'Counting On'

Joy-Anna Duggar Becomes A ‘Cinderella Duggar’ On ‘Counting On,’ Jana Admits Struggle To Get Chores Done

Joy-Anna Duggar took on a lot more responsibilities after Jinger got married. For years, Duggar fans have assumed that oldest daughter Jana took care of most of the chores around her parents’ house, but the most recent episode of Counting On proved that this isn’t the case.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and Jana Duggar, 27, became the two only adult daughters left living at home with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar after Jinger Duggar, 23, got married. During the June 19 episode of Counting On, which was filmed before Joy-Anna married Austin Forsyth, fans learned that this meant that Joy-Anna’s list of household chores was lengthened quite a bit.

“Since all the older girls have gotten married, there have been different responsibilities and things that I’ve taken on now: fixing the girls’ hair, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry,” Joy-Anna said. “Now what Jinger’s gone, a lot of that has been passed on to me and Johannah.”

However, because Johannah is just 11 years old, she wasn’t capable of helping Joy-Anna out as much as Jinger did. This became evident when Joy-Anna needed to purchase a bunch of party supplies. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, she was made the family’s new family planner after Jinger left, and she was put in charge of throwing a birthday party for Jessa Duggar’s son, Spurgeon. Because Johannah isn’t old enough to drive, Joy-Anna had to take a car full of kids shopping to get everything she needed for the party.

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According to Jana, shopping is not a chore that her teen sister enjoys.

“Jinger was our shopping person, and Joy is not much of a shopper,” Jana told the Counting On cameras. “Jinger and I would usually go out if she was going shopping. She’d be like, ‘Hey, you wanna go?’ and usually I’d tag along with her.”

Jana did not explain why she didn’t go shopping with Joy-Anna, who confessed that she’s “really bad” at it. As CafeMom reports, Jana has earned the nickname “Cinderella Duggar” from fans who believe that she does most of the cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing in her family’s household. They think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren’t allowing Jana to get married because they rely so heavily on the free labor provided by their oldest daughter. However, on the most recent episode of Counting On, the Duggars were seemingly making it a point to show fans that the other adult girls also did a lot of chores while they were living at home.

According to Jana, it’s been difficult to keep finding new ways to divide up all the housework as her sisters have moved out.

“Laundry was something else that Jinger would usually keep up with. Trying to figure out how things work and adjusting our schedules, we’re trying to fill those places as much as we can.”

Jana making some delicious homemade bread for Christmas day! It’s a family favorite. 🙂

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According to Jessa, Joy-Anna took on her former role as the organizer of the family after she married Ben Seewald. Jana described Joy-Anna as someone who can “crack the whip and make sure that things get done,” which she was shown doing on Counting On; Joy-Anna gave her younger siblings tasks to perform in preparation for Spurgeon’s birthday party, and she made sure that they did them.

What many fans don’t understand is why Michelle Duggar does so little around the house.

“What in the hell does Michelle do?!? Aren’t these HER responsibilities!?!” wrote one Facebook commenter in response to a video of Joy-Anna talking about her chores.

Others wondered why the adult Duggar boys who are still living at home don’t do more household chores. As the Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Josiah, 20, admitted that he actually fears being asked to do the family’s shopping.

“I was terrified,” Josiah said of the prospect of buying groceries. “I don’t like shopping. Nobody likes shopping.”

Now that Joy-Anna Duggar has moved out, Jana can only hope that her brother changes his tune about doing one of the many chores that his sisters took care of for so many years.

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