Cars 3 sequel, Cars 4, is a possibility

‘Cars 3’ Sequel Possibly Happening? ‘Cars 4’ Could See Lightning McQueen Taking A Break From Racing

Cars 3 is finally out the numbers are doing great for the Pixar animated movie. Lightning McQueen and his friends landed on the top spot at the box office with a $53.5 million debut, displacing Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman over the weekend. So, is a sequel in the cards?

Cars 3 seems to be the perfect way to end the movie franchise as it gave back the focus to protagonist Lightning McQueen.

Spoiler Alert: This article may contain spoilers from Cars 3.

In the movie, Lightning had to prove himself he still got what it takes to be on the racetrack by facing younger generations of super fast racecars. The film concludes with McQueen’s retirement and new role as pit chief for Cruz Ramirez, his trainer who also became a racer. Could this new friendship pave the way for a possible sequel?

Disney Pixar hasn’t announced or confirmed any sequel just yet but the idea has not been ruled out either. Cars 3 producers Kevin Reher and Andrea Warren shared their thoughts on the possibility of a sequel or Cars 4 to CinemaBlend during a press day for the movie last month, noting that they’re interested. Reher said that “as long as there’s a good story to tell it’s worth investing.”

Cars 3 sequel's plot may see Cruz Ramirez as the main protagonist
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Director Brian Fee also gave a somewhat similar answer during a recent conversation with SlashFilm’s Peter Sciretta. Fee hinted that if a Cars 3 sequel were to happen, the focus might be on a different character. Cruz Ramirez is a likely candidate as she can easily become a fan-favorite.

“I think there could [be a different character as the star] if it feels right. I mean, I think never say never. And I think you can make a good movie about anything if you have, if the audience can connect. Right, I think that’s what it boils down to. Can the audience relate to the story?”

Meanwhile, SlashFilm has its own prediction as to what might happen in Cars 4.

Cars 3's sequel may see Lightning McQueen pulled from retirement
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Since McQueen has taken a break from racing at the end of Cars 3, it is believed that he’ll get back on the racetrack for one last hurrah — a plot that’s rather predictable. The sequel could also be about McQueen’s protégé or one that doesn’t have to focus on the racetrack at all, the news outlet stated. Pixar could also take the story back to Radiator Springs and center on Mater and the rest of the gang.

With statements coming from the producers and the director, it’s likely that Pixar isn’t done with the Cars franchise after the third movie and those favorite characters might still keep riding. Fans will just have to wait for more updates on a possible sequel.

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