An apartment building complex.

Man Dangles Baby Out Of 15-Floor Window For 1,000 Facebook Likes

A man dangled a baby outside the window of a 15th-floor apartment for 1,000 likes on Facebook, the BBC is reporting. The Algerian man posted a picture, where he is seen holding the child just by the scruff of his shirt, 150 feet from the ground below. In the caption underneath the shocking picture, the man threatens to drop the child if he does not get 1,000 likes.

The post sparked a national outrage which led to an avalanche of social media users reaching out to the police. This eventually led to the man’s arrest.

In a court report obtained by the Daily Mail, the man who is not the father of the child denied putting the boy’s life in danger, adding that the image was altered by mischievous social media users. The Algerian man argued that the picture was taken from a terrace with protective barriers, but that the barriers were removed from the picture.

The judge did not accept his explanation, pointing out that the pictures were not tampered with and that the child was clearly in danger because of the manic stunt that was pulled. Despite the child’s father plea for the accused be shown leniency by the court for taking a game too far, the judge sentenced the man to two years in prison.

Algerians shocked by the act praised the authorities for reacting quickly and meting out a deserving punishment.

A media activist revealed that the man got what he truly deserved while another activist who saw the disgraceful picture agreed that justice and punishment was well-served.

An observer said it was unbelievable to see the man holding the boy by the scruff of his shirt in one hand and taking the picture with the other.

“What is most striking is that it appears that the man is carrying the boy with his left hand while using his right hand to take the picture…this means the picture is more important than the child’s life.”

Man risks baby's life for Facebook likes
Outrage after baby was dangled from 15th floor of high-rise building. [Image by Karim Mostafa/iStock]

A psychologist said such barbaric acts had no place in a sane society. The doctor cautioned that it was not the first case of a child being wickedly exploited and unfortunately would not be the last. He called on children rights organizations in the country to take a front seat in confronting the exploitation of children.

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