Clint Eastwood Death Hoax Gets 270K YouTube Views - Fake News Site Designed To Look Like CNN Claims Clint Died

Clint Eastwood Death Hoax Gets 270K YouTube Views – Fake News Site Designed To Look Like CNN Claims Clint Died

According to Google Trends, at least 200,000 searches for Clint Eastwood and related terms like “Clint Eastwood death” came into their search engine on Tuesday, June 20. That’s because a website designed to look like CNN, but isn’t, published a report titled “Hollywood Icon And Oscar Winner Clint Eastwood Has Passed Away Age 87.” The website at published an article on June 18, claiming that Eastwood died of a heart attack.

That’s just one of the articles causing people to start sending “RIP Clint Eastwood” wishes onto their timelines, and causing others to complain about the media not reporting on Clint’s death. But it’s all a death hoax, just like the hoaxes that claimed Eastwood died previously, as debunked by Snopes.

As reported by Heavy, the fake website even went so far as to include screenshots of what they claim were celebrities tweeting about Clint’s fake death, and offering condolences and memories of Eastwood. However, those are fake too, with a check of the celebrities and their Twitter accounts proving that the celebrities did not tweet memories in the wake of the fake death of Clint.

Videos on YouTube spreading claims that Clint died at the age of 87 have amassed more than 270,000 views, and a search for “Clint Eastwood death” on Facebook results in plenty of posts from people either telling others that Eastwood didn’t really die or from those who believe the death hoax and are spreading around the “news” they believe is real.

However, Clint is alive and is 87 years of age. Eastwood did not die in his Brentwood, California, house as of this writing. No source close to Clint has confirmed his death, as the fake news article stated. Eastwood did not die on Saturday evening at approximately 9:30 p.m., despite the fake report designed to look real. The news report went on to talk about Clint’s politics, claiming that the conservative Eastwood hated “snowflake” liberals, obviously designed to get a heated reaction online.

As seen in the featured photo above, Clint attended a masterclass at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. The director was in southern France one month ago on May 21.

[Featured Image by Thibault Camus/AP Images]