T.I. And Tiny Harris Divorce Rumor: Plans To Divorce Off After Tiny Begged For Another Chance

T.I. And Tiny Harris Divorce Rumor: Plans To Divorce Called Off After Tiny Begged For Another Chance

Rapper T.I. and estranged wife Tiny Harris are facing new rumors that their divorce may be off after Tiny’s pleas to give their marriage one more chance.

The oft-troubled couple appeared to finally split for good when they parted ways last month and T.I. actually took the final step of filing for divorce. They had gone through many breakups before but always ended up together again, though this time looked as if it might be final.

Now that may not be so. There are rumors that T.I. and Tiny are putting the divorce on hold once again after Tiny pleaded with her husband to stop the divorce process. A report from Hollywood Life noted that the couple spent Father’s Day together and it was “wonderful for the couple,” making them both reconsider their plans to divorce.

“Tiny wants to drop the divorce with T.I.,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life.

“She has been pleading with him to cancel all the lawyers, the paperwork and everything else that would end their marriage.”

T.I. and Tiny actually shared some of their videos from Father’s Day, showing the couple lounging in bed with their children and T.I. and Tiny even sharing a kiss. The following day, Tiny was backstage before a concert in Atlanta, Hollywood Life noted.

The divorce drama between T.I. and Tiny became very public earlier this year when model Bernice Burgos, who was alleged to be T.I.’s mistress, got into a bit of a spat with Tiny online. The two traded veiled insults before Burgos wrote a longer note on Instagram saying that she and T.I. were just friends and taking exception to Tiny’s assertion that she was a “pass around b****.”

Tiny responded in kind, liking the post a fan made claiming that in her rant, Burgos may have accidentally admitted to having a relationship with T.I. In the weeks that followed, news of T.I.’s relationship with Bernice Burgos died down but the relationship with Tiny did not improve, leading T.I. to file for divorce.

There may be more signs that the divorce is off. The site All Hip Hop also noted that T.I. and Tiny were spotted together again over the weekend as they left an Atlanta venue, and that the witness said they appeared to be happy together.

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