Beyonce's Twins Born Premature

Beyonce’s Twins Born Premature: Getting Jaundice Treatment Under Lights As Gender, Name Guesses Emerge

While the world has sought more information about Beyonce’s twins, TMZ reports that Beyonce’s twin babies were born prematurely. Since the date of birth and date of expected birth of Beyonce’s twin babies wasn’t known, it was not known how prematurely Beyonce’s babies births might have been. Whether they were born weeks or months prematurely was not confirmed.

However, the Daily Mail reports that Beyonce and Jay Z arrived at the hospital eight days ago, and their twin babies have not left the hospital yet. Both publications report that Beyonce’s twin babies have been treated under lights, which is likely the “minor issue” that the twin babies experienced that had been reported to the press in recent days.

Being under the lights likely means that Beyonce’s twin babies are being treated for jaundice, due to raised levels of bilirubin, which is the yellow substance discovered in bile. Bilirubin is made when the liver breaks down the old red blood cells and replaces those old red blood cells with new ones. Due to its yellow coloring, pronounced levels of bilirubin could make Beyonce’s twin babies have a yellow tone to their skin, and potentially cause parts of their eyes to turn yellow until the levels are normalized.

With Beyonce announcing her pregnancy on February 1, Beyonce was likely more than 12 weeks pregnant at that time, which is usually the “safe” point leaving the first trimester when new moms and dads are told to announce their pregnancies to the public at large. Therefore, if Beyonce’s twin babies were conceived around the beginning of November in 2016, that means Beyonce’s babies might not have been due until July of this year.

Since normal pregnancies tend to last from 38 to 40 weeks, any babies born three weeks or earlier from their due dates are considered premature. Babies who are born prematurely may have problems such as jaundice, which is common for premature babies. With Beyonce’s babies reportedly receiving light treatments, the lights should help decrease their bilirubin levels in the blood and get rid of any jaundice.

Meanwhile, folks are taking guesses at the names and genders of Beyonce’s babies, as seen in the below and above tweets.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]