Donald And Melania Trump's Marriage Is In 'Deep, Deep Trouble'

Donald And Melania Trump’s Marriage In ‘Deep, Deep Trouble,’ Claims Expert

The state of Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is often a topic of debate that has strong viewpoints on both sides. Their body language isn’t what one would describe as cozy, and since Trump has entered office, it’s even less so.

Body language expert, Susan Constantine, told Elite Daily that she thinks Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is in “deep, deep trouble.” She says whatever affection the two had for one another has long passed and they’re now just putting on a united front for the sake of the country. They had “something at one point,” in which Melania would defend her husband if he said something inappropriate, but now she’s making him fight his own battles. Constantine explains that since Trump has become president, his “inflated narcissistic personality is out of control” and that he’s “not even somewhat available emotionally” to his wife. The two of them have their “own world.”

When it comes to hand-holding, it’s been witnessed on a global level that Melania has pulled her hand away from Donald’s. It’s also been witnessed that the president walks several steps in front of his wife, something Constantine suggests bothers Melania. As a result, Melania may be sending a signal to Donald that he can only disrespect her so many times before she reacts. According to the body language expert, the first lady is saying, “Do not even hold my hand in front of public because I’m going to flick it off. Do not tell me I’m going to stand beside you because I don’t want to do it.”

Moreover, Constantine thinks Melania wants the world to think that she’s not “agreeable” and is basically telling her husband “eff you.”

Donald And Melania Trump Marriage And Future Expert Predicts
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When it comes to Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage for the long haul, the outlook isn’t good in Constantine’s opinion. She says their marriage is in “deep, deep trouble” and she can’t envision them staying together. The expert goes on to say that the lack of connection and perceived lack of “elementary foundation of couple love and compassion and physical-ness between them” doesn’t bode well for the future.

Donald And Melania Trump's Marriage Is In 'Deep, Deep, Trouble,' Expert Claims
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The body language expert concludes by saying that Donald and Melania may potentially go through a divorce.

“…This might be the first presidential candidate in office that goes through a divorce at the same time during his candidacy,” Constantine said.

There have been several assessments from body language experts published about Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage. It’s important to remember that their insight is purely based on professional opinion and not derived from factual information.

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