Ivanka and Melanie tweet Father's Day messages

Melania And Ivanka Tweet Sweet Messages For Fathers — Twitter Erupts In Anger

It seems President Trump’s women can’t catch a break. Both First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump Kushner tweeted sweet Father’s Day messages only to be met with Twitter’s wrath. The social media reaction is neither new or shocking as Ivanka herself recently stated to Fox and Friends how shocked she was by the “level of viciousness” in politics. You may see that report below. Well, the viciousness did not subside for the holiday and though Melania and Ivanka shared sweet and touching photos, the two were blasted by President Trump’s detractors and the tone was anything but pleasant. Though some thought in light of the recent Congressional Baseball Game shooting things might tone down between the right and the left, it appears that isn’t the case. By Monday morning, the climate between the right and left is just as contentious as it ever was.

Ivanka Trump shared two photos on Father’s Day. The first was a photo of herself with husband Jared Kushner and the couple’s three children Arabella, Theodore, and Joseph. The second photo was of Ivanka with her father and husband. Melania Trump chose not to add a personal photo of herself with either her father or husband Donald Trump but instead tweeted a sweet and simple message.

It wasn’t long after Ivanka Trump Kushner tweeted a photo of herself with husband Jared that the vitriol began. Here are several of the responses shared on Twitter following her tweet. Some wasted no time pointing out that Jared Kushner’s father spent time in prison for tax evasion and other charges.

The wrath wasn’t reserved solely for Ivanka’s photo with Jared and their children. Ivanka also shared a photo of her standing alongside father President Donald Trump and husband Jared. Twitter’s reaction was just as harsh.

One of the most prevalent responses were Twitter users who shared photos of Ivanka with her father and implied the two were involved in a sexually inappropriate relationship. You may see an example of the photos shared and the comments on Twitter in the link.

The insults came fast and furious and some used Melania Trump’s past as a model to disrespect the First Lady. The responses then devolved into a back and forth between who was the better First Lady, Michelle Obama or Melania Trump. Here are a few tweets that were left in response to Melania Trump’s simple Father’s Day message.

Some then remarked on how short Melania Trump’s Father Day tweet was and suggested it was an indication of her true feelings towards the President.

What do you think about Melania’s and Ivanka’s Father’s Day tweets? Were you surprised to see things become contentious after the Congressional Baseball Game shooting? Please leave your comments below.

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