Kate Middleton's fashion power causes confusion and hard feelings

Kate Middleton Sheds Her Predictability And Stirs Up Angst For Royal Cousins?

Kate Middleton may have more influence than she even realizes if the latest reports ring true. From the time Prince William slipped his late mother’s ring on Kate’s finger as a promise of marriage, people were interested in what this future Queen was wearing. This infatuation with Kate’s style and wardrobe grew to the point to where she is now considered one of the planet’s biggest fashion icons.

Through the years many of Kate’s clothing choices have sold out at the stores just hours after Kate was seen wearing them in published pictures. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Kate abides by a set of rules that are partially her own and partially set by royal etiquette when it comes to her wardrobe.

An example given of Kate’s own preferences for this unwritten rule is how Kate doesn’t like attending events “without something to hold in her hand, cites Harper’s Bazaar. Another self-imposed rule that Kate tends to follow is when she is wearing separate pieces of apparel she makes sure they have a color scheme that doesn’t clash. This is also a rule that many women have adhered to since the dawn of fashion, so it is certainly not her unique rule of thumb, but one she traditionally follows.

As far as royal etiquette goes, that has to do with skirt length, proper necklines in her tops, and not wearing overwhelming-looking headwear, such as a large hat that’s hard to manage. Kate Middleton-watchers know that Kate usually doesn’t stray from these rules, so when she recently did something out of the norm — it started a buzz.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Kate stepped out in trousers. Not her skinny jeans, but trousers. While Kate is usually dressed in skirts or dresses for royal engagements, it is during the more relaxed occasions that she’s seen in skinny jeans, but this time around she’s caused some confusion among her fashion fans.

Her fans are so precise about what Kate does and doesn’t wear that they can trace the number of times she’s donned trousers in the past. That would be one time only, according to Harper’s Bazaar They even offer up the year in which she wore those trousers — 2016.

Kate donned a pair of navy blue J. Crew trousers to a recent outing that she attended, the Land Rover BAR Roadshow at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre in London. She topped this look off with “a crisp white shirt” and a Zara blazer over that. She finished off the look with another offering from J. Crew, which is the label on the tweed heels she was wearing.

This outing brought some confusion to her fans who believed they had Kate’s style preferences down pat and trousers weren’t part of her traditional style. Despite going rogue from her own unwritten rules of fashion, Kate got thumbs up for this look. However, another recent look didn’t appear to get thumbs up from two of the royal family members.

This wasn’t Kate’s only outfit that recently started a buzz, but this time around the hoopla was going on behind the scenes. It seems that this buzz was started by Prince William’s royal cousins, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. When the Duchess showed up at the Trooping the Color parade dressed in hot pink, she reportedly put a few noses out of joint.

Those noses were said to belong to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are blood princesses and said to be a bit jealous of the attention given to Kate over the two of them. Kate was seen in pictures front and center on with her husband, other royals and the Queen while watching that event. Eugenie and Beatrice were behind Kate and William, and they reportedly felt forgotten.

The sibling princesses were “forced to stand behind the Queen and barely visible,” writes Celeb Dirty Laundry. Their gripe was reported to be Kate purposely dressing in such a bright color with the intention of stealing all the attention. The article suggests that both sisters looked “downright annoyed and miserable” with the photographers focusing their shots at Kate.

While the sisters are used to taking a back seat to Kate, this time they are annoyed because they believe she just might be doing this on purpose. Apparently, Kate’s mode of dress holds quite a bit of power, she’s confused the masses and annoyed her in-laws just with her choice of clothing and very appropriate clothing at that.

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