corinne olympios allegedly had bruises after Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Corinne Olympios Allegedly Had Bruises, Busted Knee After Sex Scandal

Bachelor in Paradise star Corinne Olympios was reportedly banged up following the day of her alleged sex scandal with DeMario Jackson. Fans have been hearing conflicting reports about Nick Viall’s former fling and Rachel Lindsay’s cast-off, and an investigation for sexual misconduct is still ongoing.

According to Hollywood Life, Corinne Olympios claims she was much too drunk to remember her sexual encounter with DeMario Jackson, let alone give consent for any sexual contact with the former Bachelorette contestant. Olympios released a statement claiming that she was the victim of misconduct and that the Bachelor in Paradise producers should have stopped the sexual encounter before it went too far.

While DeMario Jackson claims that Corinne Olympios was lucid during their sexual encounter and wants the footage from that night to back up his story, sources are revealing that Corinne was so drunk she could barely walk and that she had physical evidence to confirm this. Olympios’ legs were reportedly “full of bruises” after her hard partying first day on the Bachelor in Paradise set. She had reportedly busted her knee open all because she was too drunk to stay on her feet.

However, fellow Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestant Jasmine Goode claims that Corinne isn’t a “victim” as she claims, but that she and DeMario were having fun and hooked up just like any other couple has on the show.

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Fans don’t know what to believe as Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are telling different variations of the day in question. DeMario has stated he feels as though his character is being assassinated and that he’s been fired from his job because of the scandal. Meanwhile, Jackson and Olympios are both reportedly seeking therapy to deal with the fallout of that night and the scandal that has been all over the internet since then.

Currently, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 filming has been suspended, and many fans believe the show will be canceled altogether after the messy scene with Corinne and DeMario.

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What are your thoughts on Corinne Olympios having physical injuries after her Bachelor in Paradise scandal? Do you think it proves she was too drunk to consent to sexual contact with DeMario Jackson?

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