Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans attend the 2012 New York Comic Con at the Javits Center on October 13, 2012 in New York City.

‘Ghost Adventures’: Zak Bagans Reminds Fans New Episodes Pick Back Up On Saturday With ‘Skinwalker Canyon’

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans took to social media on Thursday to remind fans that new episodes pick up on Saturday with the episode titled “Skinwalker Canyon.” Fans of Ghost Adventures have been anxiously waiting for the return of Season 13. Zak Bagans tweeted over a month ago that Ghost Adventures was taking a small break from airing new episodes, adding “so we can catch up!”

On May 6, Zak Bagans told viewers of Ghost Adventures that new episodes of Season 13 — or, as some fans would say, Season 14 — will pick back up on June 17. Six new episodes of Season 13 of Ghost Adventures have already aired on the Travel Channel. But loyal fans were understandably disappointed to learn that they would be waiting over six weeks for the remaining new episodes of Ghost Adventures to pick back up.

On the Saturday following the last new episode of Season 13 of Ghost Adventures, titled “Exorcism In Erie,” that aired on April 29, Zak Bagans took to social media to say that “our new season of Ghost Adventures will return with new episodes on June 17th.” Via his personal Facebook account, Zak Bagans clarified that announcement on the same day, adding that he didn’t mean that the crew of Ghost Adventures is taking a break. According to Bagans, the Ghost Adventures network, the Travel Channel, had to take a break to catch up and prepare for the “next line-up of premieres.”

Zak Bagans went on to say that Ghost Adventures airs more new episodes than any other show on cable TV and that small scheduled breaks are added in the middle of new seasons to allow enough new episodes to play in a row. Loyal fans of Ghost Adventures have since commented that they are “impatient” waiting on more new episodes and have “withdrawals” from Ghost Adventures — a very popular and long-running paranormal reality TV series that premiered on the Travel Channel back in 2008.

For the last two weeks, Zak Bagans has been reminding fans of Ghost Adventures via social media that a new episode of Season 13 will air on June 17. Via Twitter on June 2, Zak Bagans tweeted out that two weeks “from tomorrow all new #GhostAdventures returns!” Again on Thursday, Zak retweeted back to a Ghost Adventures fan that it’s only two days away from the new Ghost Adventures “Skinwalker Canyon” premiere. According to Bagans, the “Skinwalker Canyon” episode is one investigation “not to be missed.”

The Daily Times out of Farmington, New Mexico, has been promoting the new “Skinwalker Canyon” episode of Ghost Adventures. Also on Thursday, the Daily Times shared that paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin with Ghost Adventures filmed the “Skinwalker Canyon” episode on the Navajo Nation earlier this year “with permission from the tribe.” The “Skinwalker Canyon” episode is the first of three new episodes of Ghost Adventures that look into reports of shape-shifting creatures, called skinwalkers, ghosts, and witches across Navajo Nation in parts of New Mexico and Utah.

KRQE shared a photo in 2014 of an alleged skinwalker that was allegedly found prowling and lurking on the side of a road in northern New Mexico, adding that the skinwalker is a “well-known legend in Indian country.” That viral picture had reportedly been debunked, but the Ghost Adventures crew, consisting of Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley — both audio and visual technicians for Ghost Adventures — plans to find real evidence that the skinwalker creature is not just a legend. Zak Bagans recently tweeted that the Ghost Adventures visit to the Navajo Nation was “overwhelmed” by love and support.

Catch the next new episode of Ghost Adventures on Saturday, June 17 at 9 p.m. ET. The Travel Channel offers a summary of Season 13, Episode 8 called “Skinwalker Canyon.”

“The Ghost Adventures crew is given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures.”

While the “Skinwalker Canyon” episode of Ghost Adventures has drawn some criticism from people who say that the episode is “disrespectful” to the Navajo Nation, other people say that it’s “about time” for the Navajo Nation to get some positive media attention. Loyal fans of Ghost Adventures are saying they “can’t wait” for Saturday’s new episode and that they are “beyond excited” for new episodes of Ghost Adventures.

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