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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Warnings For Families Of ‘BB19’ Cast Members Issued By Fan Site

Big Brother 19 spoilers come from an intriguing place this week. The BB19 cast members all have families and fan site Hamsterwatch has presented an interesting selection of warnings and tips for people who know one of the houseguests. As the report states, while making a very important point, is that it isn’t up to the people in charge of the show to make the contestants look good. It is up to producers and editors to put something on the air that will get people tuning in to CBS three times a week.

“They might put your person’s worst or dumbest moments on the show, and they often specialize in “out of context”.. nothing will change that, you just need to accept it, as well as the fact that people watch the feeds 24/7 [sic].”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, CBS revealed that the official BB19 cast announcement will come on June 19. This is when a lot of the Big Brother 19 spoilers for this summer are expected to be revealed, as well as the moment when the BB19 cast is going to be subjected to the world of social media. Hamsterwatch touched on the very important point that live feed subscribers are going to see the houseguests at their best and worst, no matter what friends and family say on social media.

Every summer, fan favorites and new Big Brother villains emerge from the new group of houseguests, and that is exactly what will happen with the BB19 cast members as well. Whether it’s an entirely new group of contestants or a blend of new and returning houseguests, fans are going to make their snap judgments, form opinions based on very little footage, and pick favorites based only on the initial bios and that season premiere. Fair or not, opinions are going to flow like water on Twitter and Facebook as soon as that first episode airs on CBS.

In the past, Big Brother spoilers have been provided by former houseguests and family members posting on social media. That relates to what took place during Big Brother 18, as Vanessa Rousso posted about her sister Tiffany Rousso and Cody Califiore posted about his brother Paulie Calafiore. Both former houseguests responded negatively to criticisms about their siblings, embroiling themselves in the controversy. It’s a risk that any family member or friend of a reality show contestant has to go through.

Though the winter and spring have been packed with rumors about the show, nothing official about the BB19 cast has been revealed yet. That is all going to change on Monday, when not only are the faces going to be revealed by former houseguest Jeff Schroeder, but the net and social media is going to fill up with potential Big Brother 19 spoilers that could play out this summer.

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