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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Josslyn And Carly Butt Heads — Is This The Beginning Of The Teen’s Rebellion?

Josslyn Jacks has certainly grown up on ABC’s General Hospital. She is a teenager now and that means she is getting feistier by the minute. It certainly doesn’t help that she has been raised by parents, Carly and Jax, and also by her mobster step-father, Sonny Corinthos. Joss has a big heart, but she has also learned to call it as she sees it. She gets into her mother’s face about her torrid relationship with Sonny, especially since he had her dad deported back to Australia. Carly is about to get what is coming to her in the form of a rebellious daughter.

Carly came to Port Charles as a young girl bent on revenge, so she knows all about what it’s like to rebel and get into major trouble. Now Josslyn is expected to test her mother’s patience this coming summer, and the first thing she will do is to call Carly out on getting close with Sonny again. A new General Hospital preview clip for Monday has the mother and daughter in a heated discussion.

Josslyn is not happy that she caught her mom kissing Sonny again. As far as she is concerned, Carly should kick her mobster husband to the curb and move on. You can’t blame the girl as she has seen all the heartache and drama her mother has gone through since she got back with Sonny. She thought Carly was done with him once and for all, but she will walk in on the twosome in a heavy smooch and will be quite upset about it.

As shown in the General Hospital preview, Joss lets her mother have it, telling her that Sonny is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Carly tries to explain to her that their relationship is complicated, but that the good always outweighs the bad. Joss is obviously tired of hearing mama Corinthos cry and whine about Sonny hurting her, but then she goes right back to him. Even General Hospital fans may be getting tired of the back and forth relationship between them.

Josslyn said that she has had enough of hearing about their connection that Carly always seems to bring up. The teen will then tell her why she thinks her mother can’t stay away from Sonny.

“The truth is, mom, deep down the only reason you go back to Sonny is because you don’t believe you deserve better.”

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Will Sonny and Carly reunite? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

What will Carly say to that? She always defends her love for Sonny, which is why she keeps going back to him. This is their fifth shot at marriage, but something always happens to tear them apart. With the death of their son, Morgan, Nelle using Sonny to get revenge on Carly, and now Jax being deported, that seemed to the last straw for her. But she is somehow getting drawn back in with his apologies and those cute dimples of his.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Joss will be getting into some trouble this summer. With school out and the rage that is building up in her, Josslyn will be acting out. She is also rumored to be getting a summer romance. No word yet on exactly who it will be that catches her attention, but there could be a new young face coming to Port Charles.

There has been talk that Cameron, Elizabeth’s son, could possibly be a victim of SORAS, aka soap opera rapid aging syndrome. It was hinted that he could possibly be Josslyn’s new guy, but that doesn’t seem likely since Cam was just shown this past week with Spencer having a food fight. He has not grown much at all since the last time he was on. So it looks like there is a new kid coming to General Hospital soon.

Do you think Josslyn should be calling Carly out for getting closer to Sonny? Stay tuned to see how she will react to her daughter’s accusation.

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