Jon and Kate Plus 8 canceled

The sad saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their huge brood of kids and their messy divorce has finally been yanked from the TLC lineup.

The ordeal that began with the Gosselin’s fertility issues and ended with the Gosselin tots stuck in the middle as Kate cried and Jon romped with his plastic surgeon’s daughter in the South of France will no longer be a cash cow for the family of ten. The show was originally repackaged sans the disgraced and douchey dad of eight, as Kate Plus 8. Ratings tanked, and after Jon was slapped away from the TLC money teat, Jon had an “epiphany” after his public firing. He decided that if he couldn’t be on the show, his progeny couldn’t either.

As even fewer people would tune in for Kate, TLC just pulled the plug full stop. And as we’ve watched the family implode, the Gosselin’s marriage disintegrate and the kids witness their parents sniping at each other in the press and in person, what else is there to see? Kate says she relies on the show to support the legion Gosselings, and that her kids are bereft in the absence of film crews.

TLC plans to cobble together some remaining episodes from existing footage, but it looks like Kate’s on the road to being just another woman struggling with a whole mess of kids and an unemployed babydaddy.