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Racist Sorority Photo: Baylor Students Dress Mexican, Ask ‘Green Card?’

Racist Sorority Photo: Baylor Students Dress Mexican, Ask 'Green Card?'

Waco, TX – A racist sorority photo may get some female Baylor students in trouble. The Facebook photos deemed by some as “racist” and “offensive” have raised an online firestorm and have prompted a response by officials at Baylor University, a Christian college in Texas. The controversy rages as the nation considers illegal immigration and how to deal with immigration reform.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Baylor is not the only college to stir up controversy with a racist sorority photo. Over at Penn State, the girls of the Chi Omega sorority threw a Halloween party where they took a group sorority photo with racist features like Mexican sombreros and ponchos. What angered people the most were the blatantly stereotypical signs the sorority girls were holding, saying, “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass. I smoke it.”

According to Fox News, the racist sorority photos first emerged when Baylor student Hannah Ray posted a public Facebook profile depicting a group of girls dressed in ponchos, sombreros, and fake mustaches. For the photo, the girls even smudged the resemblance of dirt on their faces and hung signs around their necks that read “Green Card?”

The second racist sorority photo was posted on Hannah Ray’s Instagram account. This photo featured the same Baylor girls climbing over a makeshift wall that appears to resemble a border fence. The photo has since been removed from Instagram but the caption read: “Best entrance ever #lodge #mexicans #hoppinthafence viva mexicooooo!!”

Baylor University has not confirmed whether the girls from Baylor were affiliated with a college sorority, but the school has acknowledged that Hannah Ray attends the University. Lori Fogleman, Director of Media Communications for Baylor University, said the school had “no idea where these images came from, or where the party was held.”


“Without hesitation, Baylor is an academic community that does not and would not tolerate racism on our campus,” said Fogleman. “If there is an offensive act on our campus and it’s brought to our attention, we have established numerous processes for people to report anonymously issues of any kind. So if brought to our attention, then those alleged incidents are thoroughly investigated by the university.”

As of yet, Baylor University has not launched an official investigation into whether these photos were officially created by a sorority and whether or not they are considered “racist” as to warrant punishment. It’s possible the girls were just friends who met off-campus for making the photograph and thus might not be liable for Baylor school rules. Do you think these Baylor girls should be held accountable for using stereotypes as humor? Or do you think the “racist” photos are all harmless fun?

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14 Responses to “Racist Sorority Photo: Baylor Students Dress Mexican, Ask ‘Green Card?’”

  1. Heather Johnson

    Racist and in bad taste? Probably. But even racist behavior, so long as not infringing on anyone else's rights (which this did not), is protected by freedom of speech. These girls were behaving like idiots. But whatever. Move on. This isn't even news worthy.

  2. Doug Davis

    Let me break the news to you. Most fraternities and sororities are racist. Worst among them are the black sororities and fraternities. I was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon which is an exception. We have members of all races.

  3. Space Hippies

    Clearly, you do not understand how the 1st Amendment works. Freedom of speech protects people from a lot of things, but not from the court of public opinion.

  4. Space Hippies

    not necessarily. But most fraternities and sororities are filled with idiots, and idiots are certainly more likely to be racists.

  5. Serena Deleon

    Me being Hispanic and my own grandmother coming straight from the border herself, I don't find this offensive at all. It's actually quiet funny and a clever Halloween costume. These girls have every right, 1st amendment to be specific, to wear these costumes and post them up.

  6. Natasha Wright-Monroe

    People are never offended until the tables are turned on them, and we all know people scream freedom of speech when there is something negative and offensive they want the world to hear, it became racists when they put the green cards around their neck….. This isn't the first incident at this University, and it won't be the last, this college is the sister version of Ole Miss and we all they racists as heck!!

  7. Matt Edmondson

    I'm sorry to see this associated with my university, if you ever have an opportunity to get to know Baylor students I assure you most of them are good people, not racist at all. There are a few idiots everywhere.

  8. Jacqueline Patton

    I don't know where you got your information from…..but you need to do some studying! There are many races that make up black sororities and fraternities. Each black fraternity and sorority has a national and international presence!

  9. Yvette Ramirez

    Racist? Yes.
    I'm pretty sure there's someone dressed as a luchador in the Instagram photo.
    Makes me sad that these women have demeaned my beautiful ancestry and erased the wide, varied, and rich culture of my people by latching onto these stereotypes.
    I really hope that these stereotypes aren't the first thing to pop into their mind and influence their interactions with someone of Mexican ancestry. College can only teach you so much and I hope these women can open their hearts and do some learning about how their racist night of fun perpetuates a culture of harmful stereotypes.

  10. Dean Galliano

    Space Hippies There's no such thing as the "court of public opinion" in legalistic means, People can complain all they want to.

  11. Capton Communisto

    Yup. If you have not been to the mexican boarder in Cali … Anyway, I enjoyed the article. Besides, if we keep electing communists I am sure in the next ten years it will be a bunch of Mexicans girls making fun of Americans trying to get out of America and looking for work visas in Mexico. So get your laugh in today while you still can. What comes around goes around!

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