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John McAfee Has Heart Attack In Guatemalan Detention Center [Report]

Virus software mogul John McAfee may have had a heart attack in a Guatemalan detention center, one day after authorities caught up with him.

John McAfee’s supposed heart attack is just the latest in a story full of strange twists and turns, one that began with the murder of American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull in November. McAfee has maintained that he was not involved with Faull’s death by gunshot wound, but the tech mogul has also been evading the Belizean authorities who wish to question him in the case.

Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow has called McAfee Belize’s “extremely paranoid” and “even bonkers,” but the virus software creator has insisted that police in the country may kill him were he taken into custody.

Before the alleged McAfee heart attack, the entrepreneur had managed to successfully enter Guatemala in an attempt to avoid Belizean cops, but a picture in Vice magazine of the mogul was submitted with the geolocation metadata still attached — enabling his eventual capture and detention for illegally entering the country.

According to the Chicago Tribune, McAfee’s possible heart attack was investigated by a doctor after he complained of chest pains, but both the entrepreneur and the doctor believed that the episode may not have been a heart attack at all. The paper quotes McAfee as saying:

“Last night I had a little bit of pain, but I am fine this morning… I don’t like western medicine… if the people around me are kind and compassionate, that’s all that matters in life. The people of Guatemala are very kind people, so I have no complaints.”

The site continues:

“A couple of hours later, an AP reporter returned to McAfee’s room and found him changed into a suit but lying on the floor as he was examined by a doctor. Shortly after, he was moved to the police hospital.”

Before the McAfee heart attack report and prior arrest, the mogul had kept in regular contact with press and updated a blog regularly despite his near-fugitive status.

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