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Santa Fe Teacher Who Dragged A Blind Six-Year-Old Boy Down Hallway Now Suspended [Video]

Suveillance Video From Gonzales Community School In Santa Fe Shows Two Teachers Dragging A 6-Year-Od Student Down A Hallway

A surveillance video showing two teachers dragging a blind 6-year-old by his legs has now gone viral, inspiring widespread outrage from viewers — and now the New Mexico school district.

In the video, one of the Santa Fe teachers can be clearly seen grabbing the boy by his ankles and dragging him down a hallway on his back.

A second special needs teacher is then seen taking the boy’s other leg while a third teacher watches and does nothing to intervene.

The Huffington Postreports that the teacher primarily responsible for the incident has been placed on administrative leave from the Gonzales Community School.

According to local police, the teacher’s explanation for employing such draconian tactics was that the boy refused to obey her instruction to move to another classroom when asked to.

Sgt. Andrea Dobyns of the Santa Fe Police Department toldKOB Eyewitness News:

“We don’t believe the teacher was intentionally trying to hurt the child, but our problem is the blatant neglect for his safety.”

The Sante Fe New Mexican newspaper reports that, after the altercation, the little boy complained of head pain.

The paper also reports that both teachers who actively manhandled the child are now facing child abuse charges. In addition, witnesses who stood by without attempting to intervene may face misdemeanor charges for failing to report the incident.

The video has been met with widespread outrage from the Santa Fe community and elsewhere.

The scale of abuse in schools — and in particular, those involving special needs students — was spelled out in a federal report published in March this year.

It was revealed that schools physically restrained students 39,000 times during the 2009-2010 school year, and 70 percent of those involved special needs students.

Only 17 US states specifically limit the use of physical measures against students.

The fate of the Sante De teachers — and the bystanders — is pending a full investigation by police and Gonzales Community School who are said to be co-operating.

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54 Responses to “Santa Fe Teacher Who Dragged A Blind Six-Year-Old Boy Down Hallway Now Suspended [Video]”

  1. Delores Johnson


  2. Arlene A. LeBeauf

    SUSPENDED? Should be FIRED! If another Kid was dragging a kid like that they would be suspended and labled BAD.. This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!

  3. Dawn Grounds

    If I saw that, I'd be all up in somebody's face and I ain't talking pretty either, OMG I'd have someone's ass on a plate!

  4. Sarah Daniel

    It looks like to me a child who was already on his back who didn't want to go to a class room. Not like they put him on his back. And it doesn't look like he was hurt in anyway. Just because he's blind doesn't mean he doesn't have to follow the rules. I work in a school. I'm not saying they handled it correctly, but I think this getting blown out of proportion.

  5. Dawn Grounds

    what! ok he was already on his back, yeah, but he needed to be dragged down the hallway by his feet? Are you f-ing kidding me?

  6. Helen Haynes

    the fact that he was on his back does not mean it is okay to drag him, perhaps pick him up and carry him, maybe I'm just saying, since there were two of them, or better yet wait until he decided to cooperate: their bad decision blew this out of proportion…so fire them and let that be the lesson…

  7. Miche Rivera-Paredes

    Do you have kids? Blind or not, no teacher or any person who is NOT. The parent of a child should ever be able to place their hands on them! Who cares if you work in a school, that doesn't give you the right to touch any child! Who the hell do you think you are!?

  8. Julie Marie Figueroa

    Drag my kid down the hallway with his head bouncing off the floor and see what happens … if the boy refused to comply with their requests they should have called the parents .. absolutely ridiculous!!! These teachers obviously needed a wake up call – too complacent .. they would hv needed to call in swat and armed negotiators to get me outta that school with the teachers OK ….

  9. Betty Hufnagel

    The two teachers should be fired first then off to jail. The third should also be fired and to jail for not stopping this act. How can any three of them call themselves teachers. When we were in school discipline was hard but teachers were not allowed to hurt the kids. We were all taught to respect them, I can see why the children today do not want to respect their teachers.

  10. Evelyn Perez-Maldonado

    Omg this makes me sick. That teacher should not be suspended, but fired and stoned. How dare they do that to this child. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE! I am so sick and tired of people praising these so called POS poor excuse for humans. Most of them do not deserve to teach! PERIOD!!!

  11. Evelyn Perez-Maldonado

    Oh trust me, I would have their head on a lunch menu!

  12. Evelyn Perez-Maldonado

    Sarah, of course that would be your comment… You work at a school!

  13. Susan Harrison Huot

    That's New Mexico. They have different octane for their fuel. And at 7,000 feet and no oxygen, everyone acts however they feel at the moment….. You get used to it.

  14. Megan Leeanna Washburn

    I agree that there was a blatant disregard for his safety and they handled the situation poorly, but we should all know that this isn't the whole story. Perhaps the boy does this on a regular basis or perhaps other classes were trying to come out into the hallway and they needed to get him some where else. I'm not condoning the behavior shown by the teachers, but I do know what it feels like to be at your wit's end when you're trying to take care of a child.

  15. Chantal Roberts

    Thank God they have cameras or else they would probably get a slap on the wrist like the teacher who forgot the 5 year old boy she locked in the closet just a week ago!! I hope they are sentenced to the fullest extent!

  16. Kathryn Miner Wilcox

    I have a blind, multi-disabled daughter. If a teacher ever did this to my kid I would have to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights and protect her from harm…

  17. Katie Plese

    There *is* no justification for these two adults man-handling a CHILD, end of story. Anyone defending this should not be allowed around children because they obviously lack the self control they demand of children. If teachers cannot control the child, call the parents/guardian to come and pick him up and if the child can't follow rules, expel him. You DON'T get to man-handle a child because you cannot control your own frustration. Adults are expected to act like adults. That means not lashing out in frustration. People are defending the very behavior in adults that they physically punish children for.

  18. Teresa Sigler

    First of all, you know his head was banging against the concrete floor. That big man walking behind them, should of stopped them and told them to let him go. And instructed another teacher to go get the principal. See him walking with his head down? SHAME ON YOU!!! You could of stopped them. I hope you get charge for NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

  19. Debbie Borden

    Maybe they should have just let him lay in hall, put a pillow under his head, bring him a soda, sit by him till HE decided when to go to class!!

  20. Lisa Lee Huckfeldt

    Has anyone else noticed that only moms have commented on this? Has anyone noticed that only ONE person is not in agreement with the rest of us? A teacher, of course. My kids are grown, one with children of her own, but I can tell you right now-if I got a call that something like this happened to one of my grandbabies in school, I'd be there raising hell like they've never seen before.

  21. Linda Dienno Howald

    As a special education teacher I find this video disturbing! What kind of school are you people running there? Both of those teachers should be highly trained to deal with any situation any student with special needs may present. They need to be sent out of that school to never return. Its quite clear that they have no experience dealing with any issues. Shame on the school. lack of training, experience, horrible teachers! If that was my child there would be two parents jumping on the principles desk!

  22. Jan Pena

    'Special Needs'… most people who work with this population are TRAINED/CERTIFIED (mandatory and backed up by all laws) to 'physically restrain, manage, move individuals'. Oftentimes with SPECIAL NEEDS there are BEHAVIORAL NEEDS as well. These behavioral needs are often lack of boundries and poor impulse control. In the udult world or lay society, these 'lacks of' are under promiscuos behavior or violent outbursts…the extreme of this is someone who would be to spread diseases i.e. H.I.V or murderer. The teachers in question do not appear to be hurting the boy, they seem well within the guidlines.

  23. Anita Samuel

    Because we're a part of a profession is not a reason to defend the indefensible. We can not teach our children to stop bullying if we (teachers) bully. The strong taking advantage of the weak has to stop! It needs to stop with teachers and others who have charge over our children. F I R E these violators of our trust. BTW, this should not have happened to a sighted child: it is inhumane.

  24. Jan Pena

    i think i would have loved, loved it as a kid, smooth surface and all…this really seemed routine for all involved.

  25. Laraine Pankevitch

    My son has a blind girl in his school, that man may be the person responsible for him during school hours to make sure he is ok getting around. Look at his hand!, he's carrying the boy's walking stick! Forget suspended should have teaching rights revoked and spend time in jail.

  26. Laraine Pankevitch

    as a parent who knows a little girl who's blind as well and 6 too if I got ahold of them i'd be in jail, cuz they wouldn't be moving for a while. i'd drag them behind a car.

  27. Jason Phillip Poland

    Thought you should know – Dad died last week. Glad you weren't around through everything. Would not have been at all appropriate. I hope you also know that I really always hated you. You can imagine why. I only tolerated you because I loved my Dad. Later.

  28. Sharon Leonard

    Sarah Daniel, If you are a good teacher, you should be able to better control the child. You don't sound like some-one who is very compassionate to handicapped students. Maybe you would do better in the prison system.? But you have to be very careful, because they can FIGHT back and you might get yours.

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