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Development On Next ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC Is ‘All Hands On Deck’


Since launching over half a year ago, Mass Effect 3 has seen a healthy number of DLC packs, most of which were of the mutliplayer variety. So far only two singleplayer DLCs have been released–not counting From Ashes–but there’s still more on the way.

BioWare hasn’t talked about what we can expect out of Mass Effect 3‘s third singleplayer DLC, but they are starting to drop a few teases. In a post on the developer’s forums, level designer Jos Hendriks said that development on the DLC is “all hands on deck.”

“It’s all hands on deck for this one,” Hendriks wrote. “Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved. (which would include both Patrick Weekes AND John Dombrow).”

Composer Sam Hulick, not content with letting Hendriks have all of the fun teasing fans about the next Mass Effect 3 DLC, suggested in a post on Twitter that at least one of the songs he’s working on might induce a tear or two.

“Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears. #ME3DLC,” Hulick tweeted (via Joystiq).

Other recent tweets have confirmed that Joker (Seth Green) and Kaidan (Raphael Sbarge) have new lines in the as-yet unnamed DLC, although the level of their involvement is anyone’s guess at this point.

Some time back, fans did some digging in the Mass Effect 3 client and found information suggesting that the next DLC, or some future DLC, will somehow involve the Citadel.

Have you already moved on from Mass Effect 3, or are you willing to give it another go when the next DLC launches?

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5 Responses to “Development On Next ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC Is ‘All Hands On Deck’”

  1. Andrew Suhrer

    With news of a ME4 and more DLC, I stand by what I said. I'm not buying any more EA/Bioware products until the ending gets fixed. EC didn't do it for me. I wanted to like it, but at the end of the day I couldn't live with it. I'll pay money for a DLC(s) that either leads to a win in Rejection or show's Shep uniting with the crew after the breathing seen. If I get at least one of those two things I'll come back. I would love Indoctrination to be true. Until that pipe dream comes true, I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Elisabetta Bruno

    I don't understand the fascination with people wanting Shepard to be a puppet of the Reapers with the indoctrination theory.

  3. Aeryn Cara Williams

    Because it means that if you chose the destroy, you fought free from their control which is pretty badass. Plus, it would just have been a genius way to go and would have literally pulled everyone in and fooled them until the reveal, which would have been awesome had they gone that route in the original release.

    Also, it means no starkid, and no blowing up EDI and the geth with destroy, rewriting every race against their will with synthesis, or becoming part of the reaper machine with control, and most importantly, no blowing up the mass relays no matter what you do. That's my guess anyway.

  4. Mike Gilbert

    The original endings were confusing and the new ones still don't have many happiness I get it. But if you've seen Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, you're know the story isn't just about the characters it's also about ideals of hope,peace and love. I prefer synthesis because around perfection, understanding, and a possible paragon matyr has the surest chance for peace. Maybe someday there make it possible for Shepard to survive synthesis, but until then you need to get use to it.

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