Cher says Gregg Allman's kids are having a rough time after his death

Cher Says Gregg Allman’s 5 Kids Are Having A Rough Time As They Prepare For Music Legend’s Funeral

Cher says it has been a rough few weeks for Gregg Allman’s family. The Southern rock pioneer passed away last week at age 69 following complications from liver cancer. Cher, who was married to Allman in the mid-1970s, says the late rocker’s five children are taking his death especially hard.

Cher met her future husband in 1975 and gave birth to their only child, a son they named Elijah Blue, in 1976. At the time, Cher told People magazine that the arrival of Elijah changed her relationship with Gregg in a major way, and for the first time she felt like they were “married people.”

Allman, who was married a total of seven times, is survived by four other kids besides his son with Cher: Michael, Devon, Delilah, and Layla. Gregg’s oldest son, Michael Sean Allman, came from the singer’s relationship with Mary Lynn Green, while Devon was the product of Gregg’s short one-year marriage to Shelley Jefts. The “Whipping Post” singer’s 1990s marriage to Julie Bindas produced daughter Deliah, and Allman’s fourth marriage, to Danielle Galliano, resulted in the birth of youngest daughter Layla Brooklyn Allman, who was born in 1993.

Cher, whose tumultuous relationship with Gregg was tabloid fodder in the late ’70s, has been vocal about her devastation over his death. The 71-year-old superstar has posted several tributes to her late ex on social media, initially writing in her signature all-caps, “Words are impossible, Gui Gui. Forever, Chooch.”

Cher also took to social media to reveal that everyone in the Allman family is struggling in the aftermath of the music icon’s death.

In an interview with Billboard, Gregg’s son Devon said he’s still processing his dad’s death after losing his mother just six months ago. He also revealed that the entire clan had some final family time last winter.

“All the kids went and spent some time with him before Christmas and had a really, really wonderful hang with him,” Devon said.

“He had a lot of kids. He had a lot of fans, a lot of friends, a lot of family…The times that I visited him before, [his health] was always kind of the pink elephant in the room. We never really talked about it. And the last time I hung out with him, it was the first thing he brought up and that was unsettling. That was hard, but it is what it is, and he said he was really proud of us kids, and that was just a hard day. I had to say goodbye to him.”

Devon said his father’s funeral will be small because the family doesn’t want it to “turn into a circus.”

Of course, Cher’s presence alone will have the paparazzi hopping. While there is no word if Cher will participate in the ceremony for her beloved ex-husband, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer famously gave the eulogy at her first husband Sonny Bono’s funeral back in 1998, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Rolling Stone reports that Gregg Allman will be laid to rest in a private ceremony in Macon, Georgia, on Saturday, June 3. Cher’s ex-husband will be buried in Macon’s Rose Hill Cemetery alongside his brother Duane Allman and fellow ABB member Berry Oakley. The ceremony will reportedly be limited to just 75 to 100 people, and mourners are to wear jeans and “no suits,” per the late singer’s directive.

You can see some poignant social media posts from Cher and Gregg Allman’s kids below.

One of the truest souls on Earth left us yesterday. I cannot comprehend what life is going to be without him, his presence, the sound of his voice on the phone, his inimitable style, his quiet genius and one liners that communicated more wisdom and information than a hundred pages of a book. We have never been a conventional family, but the work we did on our relationship over the last five years in truly getting to know and love one another has made me a better person and dramatically transformed the way I look at everything. What I'll always admire most about my father was that his passion for music came before absolutely everything (even his health). He was a true blues man to the core, a hopeless romantic and always seemed to have one foot in a world that none of us will ever see. His artistic integrity and dedication to his craft was second to none. He played music first and foremost to heal and serve others. He told me that being a musician is about gathering a room full of people together who are all dealing with their own struggles and heartbreak, "…and for two hours, you have the power to make them forget." I love him more than words can possibly describe and I thank him for the gifts he has given to me and to the world.

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