Hello Nurse! 'Animaniacs' Reboot Returns Pinky And The Brain And Other Warner Characters To TV

Hello Nurse! ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Returns Pinky And The Brain And Other Warner Characters To TV

“What are the Animaniacs?” some young kids may ask. Silly children, if they only knew. And now they can since an Animaniacs reboot has been officially announced by Steven Spielberg, Amblin TV, and the Warner Bros. Soon enough, we’ll have the Animaniacs theme song stuck in our heads again.

The original cartoon was developed by Spielberg as a follow-up to Tiny Toon Adventures, but what made it so memorable was the cast of Animaniacs characters, never mind the original songs and music. Each episode was a series of segments that were tied together by the Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (don’t forget she’s cute!). The siblings were said to have been trapped in the Warner Bros. since the 1930s, but they made their escape, and the rest was history.

Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering, Pinky?

Famous Animaniacs characters like Pinky and the Brain were given long skits during the initial Animaniacs episodes, and the two lab mice became so popular that they tried to take over the world with their own show. But there were many other popular characters like Animaniacs’ Buttons and Mindy and Slappy the Squirrel, never mind the well-endowed nurse who always had Yakko and Wakko catcalling, “Hello Nurse!”

Much of the humor was more relevant to adults since most kids would not get the references. The cartoon series regularly made fun of Bill Clinton, and you would assume the Animaniacs reboot will lampoon Donald Trump, but some of the regular Animaniacs characters were even based on R-rated movies. The gangster-talking pigeons called the Goodfeathers were obviously supposed to represent Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci’s characters in Goodfellas. As such, even young adults fondly recall watching the Animaniacs back in the day.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not know which Animaniacs characters will be returning. It is also possible they may develop a new cast of major characters although famous ones like Pink and the Brain are probably a shoe-in for the Animaniacs reboot.

Animaniacs Pinky And The Brain
Pinky and the Brain. [Image by Warner Bros./Amblin]

Animaniacs: Netflix Possibly Could Pick Up The New Show?

The original Animaniacs aired for 99 episodes from 1993 to 1995 on FOX Kids, only to switch networks to The WB until 1998. Voice stars on the series included Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Sherri Stoner and Maurice LaMarche.

The timing of the Animaniacs reboot probably has something to do with the fact that show is now streaming all seasons on Netflix, and it’s said to be pretty popular. In addition, in 2016, the core voice cast that played Yakko, Wakko, and Dot announced a tour, in which they would be live performing a variety of the show’s music, in addition to an updated version of “Yakko’s World” to the tune of a full orchestra.

The IndieWire announcement made it very clear that the Animaniacs reboot does not have a “home network,” and ” insiders caution that it’s still in the early stages of development.” Considering that Netflix’s Animaniacs episodes are already very popular, it’s widely speculated that Netflix would be the perfect launching pad.

Animaniacs Reboot
[Image by Warner Bros./Amblin]

Steven Spielberg Is Back For the Animaniacs Reboot

Spielberg was extremely hands-on for the earlier seasons of the original show, and it is a good sign that his name is being attached to the Animaniacs reboot. How much input will Spielberg have for the reboot? No one knows for certain, although the report did say Spielberg is “expected to be on board in crafting the updated version.”

Well, now that you know what the Animaniacs reboot is all about, it’s time to spin the wheel of morality and watch it turn, turn, turn… And, guess what; the lesson we all should learn is the Animaniacs states and capitals song!

[Featured Image by Warner Bros./Amblin]